Quick start (move mouse over bold-faced text for further info):

After successfully launching the target preparation tool, a GUI similar to the window to the right will pop up. Pre-selected fields will be grayed-out. They have been set following your proposal and cannot be changed. This normally applies to the Validity period, and the time granted to your proposal. The priority class is assigned depending on how time-crucial the picking of the target is: higher prioirty classes mean a higher likelihood of selection.

Once you filled all the information, the duration field holds an estimated of the time required for a single observation of the target. Press Save to save your work for later continuation, or Submit to finally create the observing block and submit it to the operator - whatch out for a pop-up infomraing that the target has been successfully created. Once the target has been uploaded, you will receive an e-mail summarizing the main contratints of the target. Immediately after the upload, the target is available for the robotic schedule. As a final manual check is still required, up to 72 hour may pass from submission to actual upload.