STELLA Troubleshooting


Most problems can be noticed and solved using just one terminal on archive. Use the following command (NOTE: will change in the near future)


to get an overview. For seeing all logfiles at the same time each in it’s own window


There is another possibility to get up a GUI and have some control on the light and webcam inside the building: Start with java stella.jview.JOffLimit ‘’‘wait some time’‘’ There are two, wrongly-labeled buttons STELLA and WIFSIP. (STELLA shows STELLA-1, but everything else in the left part refers to SES). Pressing one of these button updates the webcam composite image of the telescope. Turn on the light with the button to the left of STELLA, if Lights off. Again, wait some time for the button to get active. Otherwise, you see green buttons, yellow and sometimes red ones, that tell you about some conditions that are out of specks.

Is the MasterMind doing fine? type m1tail on archive or m2tail on wifsip and watch the output for a bit. Either the last line is ‘no new targets after…’ or ‘resetting exposure time..’ Is the telescope server fine? Type t1tail or t2tail and look for unusual messages.

Thing to watch out for, most probable problems:

  1. Is the master-mind running? It stops after a fatal error.
  2. Telescope hangs: use vnc or x-via-ssh to manually reset the errors. Note that Pilar is by default running without gui. You need to restart Pilar without the no-gui option. Use the startup-script in ~/bin to start it with the correct options again. You need to restart the telescope server afterwards!

There is also a command line option doing similar things:

TA (aliased to java stella.telescope.TelescopeAccess) -m
   (put telescope in manual mode, only then the following commands are allowed)
TA -err (get list of errors currently on)
TA -clear (clears all non-fatal errors. Fatal errors are cleared
    only on the first try (or after 1-24 hours).
    Check the log file, if successful).
TA -wipe (wipes out the history of errors, meaning that now a TA
          -clear will try to clear a fatal condition ''once''.)
TA -a (put the telescope back into automatic control)

Other things possible in manual mode (do a TA without anything to get a list):

TA -init (initialize the telescope, if not on)
TA -park (Parks the telescope - power off)
TA -azalt (moves the telescope to a position.
   Good thing to check after a wipe/clear of fatal errors)
  1. Filter wheel is stuck: reset the power to the ag-unit, restart the java-guider-server, and then restart the MasterMind. This error does usually not occur any more.
  2. Pilar hangs, or closed port, or crashed: restart pilar (kill and then ~/bin/ You need to restart the telescope server afterwards!
  3. CCD controller hangs: reset the ccd controller, possibly also either restart the ses-server on the ses computer or reboot the ses computer

What where

All computers involved run a rmiregistry server to handle communications.

archive (

since May 2010 this operates the ‘’‘second’‘’ telescope, STELLA-2 (the one in the East part of the building, no M2/M3). All startup-scripts have a ‘‘2’’ in it (stella-telescope2-start, stella-auxiliary2-start, stella-adapter2-start), if not unambiguous.

  1. SesMaster (the CCD camera server): connects to ses
  2. CalibrationMaster (the Calibration & AG-unit control server)
  3. AdapterMaster (the guider server): connects to ‘’firecam server’’ and to focus unit (later also ADC)
  4. AuxiliaryMaster (the auxiliary telescope): connects to TFs guider.
  5. MasterMind (the robotic control system)
  6. TelescopeMaster (connection to Pilar2)
  7. Pilar (the telescope high level control software): connects to the STELLA-II rack

Note that the MasterMind should not be started before the other programs are running ‘’‘and in automatic mode’‘’. Recommended startup-procedure: pilar - telescope,ses,calibration - auxiliary,wifsip.

The logfiles are in /var/log/stella/: ses.log, adapter2.log, auxiliary2.log, telescope2.log, master2.log, calibration.log

wifsip (

  1. AuxiliaryMaster (the guider server): connects to guider1
  2. WifsipMaster (connects to the 4k CCD and filter wheel)
  3. MasterMind (the robotic control system)
  4. TelescopeMaster (connects to Pilar1).
  5. Pilar (the telescope high level control software): connects to the STELLA-I rack

Note that the MasterMind should not be started before the other programs are running ‘’‘and in automatic mode’‘’. Recommended startup-procedure: pilar - telescope - auxiliary,wifsip.

The logfiles are in /var/log/stella/: auxiliary.log, master2.log

Reboot the telescope cabinet

With the new MOXA modules that also switch the ThAr and Quartz lamps, a reboot of either telescope rack can be achieved:

java stella.mxio.MoxaSwitch\$Turn rack#.switch moxa_io5.driver false

in archive:stella/environment/properties to switch the cabinet for STELLA-1 (rack1.switch) or STELLA-2 (rack2.switch) off. Issue again with true to turn it on again.

Reboot the telescope rack computer

From the archive or wifsip computer (the one running pilar) log into the rack computer (TCC):

telnet (user root)

If you need to hard reset the computer rack for the telescope STELLA-1 or -2, you need to access the moxa-io module of the calibration unit: ports0-3 are for lamps, port4 is STELLA-1, port5 is STELLA-2. Sometimes it is necessary to wait 20 minutes or so for the UPS inside the rack to run out of power. A combination of the two beforementioned methods should circumvent this (unless you can’t log into the computer because it really hangs).

Reboot the AG unit, reset calibration unit, shutter, Asiva, ccd controller

This can be done by accessing the PDU3 unit.

IPMI errors

If possible, log in to archive or sky via VNC. Then use firefox and open a console. Use the ADMIN account, IPs are,142,144 for archive, wifsip, sky.

Reboot a computer

All computers in the rack are controlled via two APC Power Distribution units: PDU1 (archive, wifsip,sky) and PDU2(fire, becky, ccd/ses)

Temperature control in spectrograph room and table

This can be accessed via the serial server.

SSH Connections drop off after some time

Add/Edit file ~/.ssh/config with content:

Host *
ServerAliveInterval     45

This keeps the connection alive even when there is no traffic on the line.


The TCS of STELLA and RoboTel is called Pilar and distributed and maintained by Tau-Tec, currently responsible is Michael Ruder (, also known e-mails are,

The most likely source of error is a malfunction reported by the Schaltschrank-Rechner and directly piped to Pilar. Pilar does nothing about it then report it (if questioned) and stop telescope function. In non-GUI mode, query the Pilar errors from the TelescopeMaster using TA -err, in GUI mode navigate to the engineering panel. Non-severe errors might be cleared in normal mode with TA -clear (also possible in GUI mode, engineers panel again). Sometimes this suffices to bring the system back to live. More severe errors might only be cleared either once or only if not in too quick succession (normal mode), this is reported in the telescope master’s log file. The default behavior is take the severity flag from Pilar and to decide on that, if clearing is allowed. As this is a learning-by-doing process, errors that are labeled severe in Pilar, but are found to be easily recoverable, like the ErrBrakeClosedFromOther, might be put for overruling by:

Create an error

java in stella/net/tpl that is named according to the error as it is reported: from ERR_Brake_ClosedFromOther (case ignored, underscore erased, but follwed by capital letter). Extend the TsiError and override the ‘’getResetLag’’ (time out for subsequent resetting), ‘’getResetMax’’ (maximum time this error might be reset in the master’s life time) ‘’getAccumulateCount’’ (the maximum count this error might be accumulated and still reset within ‘’getAccumulateSpan’‘). Follow the examples there, compile it and put it on the system in java/stella/net/tpl. Next time the error occurs it will be look-upo at run-time.

A remark to the ambiguous named ERR_Brake_ClosedFromOther error.

It is reported as a severe error but is in fact a subsequent error to an other error and thus not severe at all. This error means that the axis it is reported on, e.g. azimuth has been emergency-stopped by a failure in the other axis (Elevation in the example). This other error might be of severe level, though.

A list of all possible ETEL errors is found in the documentation. Do not always trust the names to be useful. Also note that the severity label assigned to errors is also not fool-proof, as we had an oil-spill once due to a info(!) of oil-level too low.



Signaled if one of the peripheral masters (Telescope, Adapter, Auxiliary, Ses, Wifsip, Calibration) did not immediately respond to a command sent.

This is normally an indication that the corresponding master was left in ‘’‘manual mode’‘’. Fix with -a (TelescopeAccess, WifsipAccess, SesAccess, AdapterAccess, AuxiliaryAccess, CalibartionAccess), restart MasterMind.

Other possibilities are severe crashes in the periphery. Check if master is running, check also log file. Try to restart the peripheral master with the appropriate start script in ~/bin.


Sent if more stars are seen than stated in the target input file. Other then too little stars, this can only happen if the input file does not reflect the on-sky reality. Check target-xml file, FieldOfView section.



This error signals the most severe case that can happen: The roof cannot be closed. It never occurred so far, but if this is a true case and not just sent to a software bug ‘’‘immediately contact somebody on site’‘’.


Sent only in STELLA-1, where the focus is attained by moving M2. Directly related to the TCS software (Pilar). Can (thus ;-)) be a spurious error, go to manual mode -m, try to set a new focus, restart pilar once the telescope master has been killed (-q or kill). Try to restart pilar in GUI mode (cd Pilar1, java -jar Pilar.jar). If nothing helps, bring down a repair team.


Initialization of a peripheral service failed. Sometimes spurious. Check reason in log file, try to restart. If persistent, bring in repair crew.


Only possible in RoboTel, possibly the dome control ceased to exist. Log in to the Artila dome server ( as root, check if /disk/bin/portmap and /disk/bin/dome_server are running. If so, check if dome can be moved in manual mode. If not, have a look.


In various situations, it might happen that the TCS is not able to move the telescope. Most of the errors are spurious and the user does not even notice it. Only if moving the telescope fails for three times in a row, or produces a time-out this mail is sent. It still might go away if you go to manual mode, but it might mean a persistent error in the ETEL drive system. See also [[Pilar]]


An error reported by pilar. Occurred once, was not recoverable from remote (See engineers log). As always for pilar-related errors, you might want to check out [[Pilar]]


The bus/switch system used for controlling the roof or the motors failed. Never reported so far. See section on CannotCloseRoof, but this error is not as severe, except if opening failed in an intermediate phase, leaving the roof almost-open.


Pilar related error, if not curable according to [[Pilar]], try to close at least the mirror covers. Bring in repair crew.


No disk space left to write the science data


Normally reported, if temperature or pressure in the dewar went aloof. Might also indicate that a sensor is broken or somehow quit reposting.Only in the latter case, rebooting of the CCD-controller might help. Currently only implemented in Wifsip, see wifisp.master section

# We check for the right carrier temperature
enablewatch       = 600000
ccdwatchminimum   = TEMP_CCD,TEMP_LN2
watchminvalues    = -100.,-120.




Sent if a peripheral master could not complete a command in time. For new commands, this might indicate that the time-out was simply set too low, but in an evolved system this points into some failure in the periphery. Check the log files and try to investigate the reason. This is a very general error, so no good guidance can be given on how to resort from it.


Only sent during startup or at first action of a master, means some of the configuration files are contradictory.


Should not happen unless the software in the peripheral server has a severe bug. contact T. Granzer


Similar to completion time out, this error signals that some command was not finished within the specific time-out to this command. Will always be preceded by a completion time out (see there).


Only sent during startup or at first action of a master, means some of the configuration files have been changed, leaving out essential knowledge required for the peripheral master.


Reported if the ThAr lamp has not been detected in the guider image taken as proof, or was considered too faint. Check the aux-file on pera to see. if there was truely now light, and also check the calibration frames. If the lamp went out, you have to active the [[ActivateSpareLamp]]



Communication to the CCD controller died. Happened quite frequently when the SES controller was not hooked up to the UPS.


Free some hard-disk space by deleting log files etc.


Means the the serial driver controlling the filter wheel controller (Phytron) has not reported back. Sometimes spurious, e.g. can be cured by re-initializing the master (or restarting it). If persistent, send in a repair crew.


Reported if the Halogen lamp has not been detected in the guider image taken as proof, or was considered too faint. Check the aux-file on pera to see, if there was truely now light, and also check the flatfield frames. If the lamp went out, you have to active the replacement lamp according to [[ActivateSpareLamp]]


The auxiliary or adapter CCD did not report. Check firewire camera and guider CCD server.


Means that the RS485 bus that controls the roof is out of order. Happened once after a EMP of a lightening struck in a close-by building, but never occurred thereafter, as copper wires had been replaced with optical ones.


A target xml file specified an unknown filter. Fix input file.


The target xml file specified a CCD read-out mode that is not supported. Fix input file.


Communication to Pilar through the pilar server port died, or could not be opened. Check if Pilar is running and also check telescope log file.


Somebody changed the configuration of a peripheral master in a way that it might not operate as intended. Closely linked to MissingParameter




The program reached a line of code where it should never end up. Notify the software engineer (in most cases T. Granzer).


Serial communication to the Faulhaber controller of the lamp compartment selector failed. Can only happen in the calibration master. Occurred only a few times (not as often as filter wheel errors) and could be cured by most of the times by restarting the calibration master. If this error is persistent, it could mean that the sledge slight moved beyond the Hall switch and is thus not able to reference. Try the following

 Stop the calibration master (CA -m, CA- q)
 In stella/calibration/properties/ locate the file calibunit.driver. After setting the inithome=false property, query the status with
 java -Djava.library.path=/usr/lib:/usr/lib/jni stella.calibunit.CalibUnit\$Status calibunit.driver

 The output should be something like:

 Actual position (POS):         -17820000
 Current speed (GN):            0
 Actual current (GRC):          80
 Actual temperature (TEM):      21
 Limit switches active (HS):    0
 Bit mask actual status (GAST): 0110
 Status bits (GST):             1001111
 Fault status bits (GFS):       0000
 Configuration bitmask (GSCS):  00000001
 Enhanced status bits (GES):    00000
 Homing status (GAHS):          15540
 Present mode (GMOD):           D
 Upper position limit (GPL):    2000000000
 Lower position limit (GNL):    -2000000000
 Maximum speed (GSP):           10000
 Homing speed (GHOSP):          -5000
 Acceleration (GAC):            25
 Limit on current (GCL):        10000
 Step width (GSTW):             1
 Number of steps/revol. (GSTN): 1000
 Encoder resolution (GENCRES):  2048

 In case of a power loss, the position might still show up as negative, although it is in reality undefined. A step in positive direction can help here:

java -Djava.library.path=/usr/lib:/usr/lib/jni stella.calibunit.CalibUnit\$Relative calibunit.driver 10000

This command can also be issued with inithome left unchanged as it is forcefully set to skip ober the init procedure normally commenced at startup. If this seems to be fine (returns fast), query the status again, now with inithome=true. It might take 2-3 minutes for the homing to succeed, so watch the output.


ETEL controllers

Firmware Update

The recommended combination of firmware versions is:

1.15a (ETEL controller)
1.00a (Profibus Firmware)
  1. Upload aller Parameter in ein File (aus dem Hauptbildschirm der ETT), Menüpunkt heißt Upload / Download -> Upload Registers to a File. Ich empfehle, alle Register komplett zu sichern (Checkbox all registers). Unter Umständen wird der Rest der Dialogbox erst bedienbar, wenn Sie oben eine Achse gewählt haben.
  2. Backup der Regler-Firmware und der Parameter (aus dem Hauptbildschirm der ETT), Menüpunkt Tools -> Advanced -> Backup Drive (dies haben wir zusammen schon einmal erledigt). Akzeptieren Sie die Vorgaben des Wizards und vermeiden Sie die Advanced-Operationen. Stellen Sie als zu sichernde Bereiche Boot, Firmware und Parameter ein (es müßten dann beim Sichern entweder 11 oder 22 Blocks angezeigt werden, hier verläßt mich mein Gedächtnis im Moment).
  3. Download der Regler-Firmware 1.15a (aus dem Hauptbildschirm der ETT heraus), Menüpunkt Tools -> Advanced -> Download Wizard. Akzeptieren Sie auch hier die Vorgaben des Assistenten und vermeiden Sie die Advanced-Operationen. Vergewissern Sie sich, daß Sie das richtige File gewählt haben - der Assistent fragt an einer Stelle sinngemäß nach: Donwload Firmware 1.15a? - daran sehen sie, daß soweit alles in Ordnung ist. Es werden dann 15 Blöcke in den Regler geladen.
  4. Download der Profibus-Firmware 1.00a (wie bei Punkt 3). Vergewissern Sie sich auch hier, daß das richtige File gewählt ist, nehmen Sie ansonsten die Standardvorgaben und vermeiden Sie die Advanced-Operationen. Der Assistent fragt diesmal sinngemäß: Download blabla Pro Firmware 1.00a? - daran sehen Sie, daß soweit alles in Ordnung ist. Es werden dann 3 Blöcke in den Regler geladen.
  5. Sie haben nun die Auswahl: Eigentlich dürfte sich trotz des FW-Updates keiner der K-Parameter geändert haben. Ich habe dies gestern zweimal überprüft, und es ist auch logisch, denn die Parameter werden in einem anderen Bereich gespeichert als die Firmware, und Etel stellt uns ja Firmware-Images zur Verfügung und nicht komplette Flash-Abbilder. Sie können sich also aussuchen, ob Sie die gesicherten Parameter trotzdem zurückspielen möchten oder nicht.
  6. Falls Sie die Situation so stehen lassen wollen, sind Sie fertig und können testen; wir empfehlen jedoch eine der folgenden Alternativen:
    1. Sichern Sie wie in Punkt 1) die Parameter in ein zweites Textfile. Überschreiben Sie dabei NICHT das in Punkt 1) erstellte File. Vergleichen Sie mittels eines diff-Tools die beiden Files. Wenn keine oder nur irrelevante Differenzen auftreten, sind Sie fertig und können testen. Anderenfalls sollten Sie Punkt 6b) ausführen.
    2. Laden Sie die in Punkt 1) gesicherten Parameter in den Regler (aus dem Hauptbildschirm der ETT heraus), Menüpunkt Download / Upload -> Download registers from File. Klicken Sie in der Dialogbox ALLE verfügbaren Checkboxen an und spielen Sie alle verfügbaren Register ein. Eventuell wird der Rest der Dialogbox erst bedienbar, wenn Sie oben eine Achse gewählt haben. ACHTUNG: Beim Download-Vorgang erscheint zunächst eine Fortschrittsanzeige, die innerhalb weniger Sekunden auf 100% steht und danach keine Änderung mehr zeigt. Dies wirkt wie ein Absturz, ist aber keiner, denn nach spätestens zwei Minuten erscheint die nächste Fortschrittsanzeige. Geben Sie Ihrem System bei diesem Vorgang also Zeit!

Nach dem Ende dieses Vorgangs sollten Sie den Schrank komplett neu starten (mit dem schwarzen Drehschalter) und nach dem Hochlauf der Regler den Punkt (parameter) ausführen, um zu kontrollieren, daß die eingespielten Parameter wirklich aktiv sind. Sollte während all dieser Prozeduren eine Fehlermeldung erscheinen, daß eine Achse nicht verfügbar sei, dann schalten Sie den kompletten Schaltschrank aus (mit dem schwarzen Drehschalter) und beenden die Etel-Tools. Schalten Sie dann den Schrank wieder ein und warten Sie, bis die Regler hochgefahren sind. Starten Sie danach die ETT wieder und wiederholen Sie den Vorgang. Ich erwarte jedoch, daß die Sache absolut glatt durchläuft und daß Sie nicht einmal zwischen den oben geschilderten Schritten den Regler neu starten müssen - die Update-Routinen sorgen selbst dafür. Lediglich nach dem Einspielen der neuen Parameter ist ein Neustart angebracht, dann aber wieder ebenfalls per Hauptschalter.

Telescope control PCs

The IP address of the embedded PC in the telescope rack can be seen in the Pilar-config (./config/pilar.conf) file, as TCI.HOST and PORT. It usually (STELLA-1, RoboTel) is ( for STELLA-2).

To change configuration values, do the following:

  1. Login the PC: telnet
  2. mount -o remount,rw /
  3. telnet 7230
  4. now you are in a terminal mode: there is help available by pressing h
  5. e.g. you can disable the derotator by setting ew_DeR_type to 0 (is 10 usually) - vw ew_DeR_type 0 (use vs to permanently save the setting)
  6. after safing the parameters, do again mount -o remount,ro /

There is also a digital oszi available, attached an email excerpt describing the function


These are useful variables, to debug probems with the telescope. Set the derotator to 0 to disable it, same with the ETEL (AzmElv). Use 11 or 12 for ew_AzmElv_type to set only Alt (ELV) or Azimutal motion:

  1. ew_AzmElv_type 2 ;VIWORD [0,1] Azm und Elv Type 0:keinen, 2,10:Etel(AZ+Elv) 11:Etel(ELV) 12:Etel(AZ) {typ+azm+elv} (wrp)
  2. ew_DeR_type 10 ;VIWORD [0..5] Type 0:keinen, 1…4: (intern alles gleich) {typ+der} (wrp)

I have tried setting these parameters, and it appears that they become effective immediately. If you want to preserve them after a reboot, safe them first (using vs, make sure you have remounted the file system read-write), and then remount the file system read-only. It does not hurt to reboot and see if the parameter is set to what you expect. But make sure you read the warnings below and watch out for problems.


The breaks (both AZimut and Altitude) are coupled with the Azimut-Axis. So if Azimut is enabled only, the Altitude axis is freely movable/swinging. If Altitude is enabled only, the breaks are on. To move the Altitude axis, one has to relieve the break first (by forcing the appropriate output port).

Setting ew_AzmElv_type to 11 does what you expect (disable the Altitude drive) - but it does NOT enable the brake (the brakes are coupled). So watch out for the telescope swinging the one way or the other.

More Warnings

Behaviour can be somehow unxpected with these variables above. The true nature is unknown. What we observed is the following:

  1. Writing the variables with vw suffices for deactivating the derotator (ew_DeR_type)
  2. Writing ew_AzmElv_type, starting from 10 (2) to 12 disables the azimuth (should disable elevation)
  3. Writing any other value tries to power on az and elv, but may lead to an error in elv, which results then in azimuth on and elev off.
  4. Storing the variables with vs does not change anything except after reboot : We vs with 12 then vw 10, with resulted in a working telescope, but after reboot of the schaltschrankrechner, the behaviour was as should be: no elev. axis, just azimuth.

Bottom line: After your test are done, vw 10/2 then vs

Important update on ew_AzmElv_type (2.5.2010):

I’m sure I vs with 10 and vw 10, but again after reboot it was 12. This resulted in a ERR_Elevation_LimitSwitchMin, which was unresettable, even in the pilar interface. One could power up the rest of the system, though, even sometimes clear the error, but never get ZD to work. It cost me some nerves to finally find out that this was caused by ew_AzmElv_type=12. Changed that in the schaltschrankrechner, all was fine again.

Description to run the digital oszi

this is a copy of an email from RS:

mit telnet richtig auf dem rechner einloggen -> r/w mounten
(mount -o remount,rw /) dann wieder ausloggen,
Einlogen mit telnet auf port 7230
Dann mit dem oszi eiloggen auf port 7231
dann vw sy_osz  13
Dann mussen auf dem oszi folgende Teile erscheinen
(double)_sy_tim,        --> Zeit
(double)_rr_pDeR,    --> istwert s von Derotator
(double)_rr_vDeR,    --> v von Derotator
(double)_gw_vDeR,    --> v(gelättet) von Derotator
(double)_iw_pDeR,    -->sollwert s von Derotator
(double)_st_xDeR,        --> Ausgegebene Relgeerspannung
(double)_dw_pDeR,    --> Reglerabweichung
DANN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Den inneren Regelkreis abstimmen dafür diese Zahlen benutzen !!!!!!
.var RSE_DREAL rp_vDeRKP=0.5 RSE_PARA [1] {der+epw} ;Regler:KP
.var RSE_DREAL rp_vDeRKI=0.5 RSE_PARA [1/s] {der+epw} ;Regler:KI
Zum einstellen !!!!
Mit den Kommandos
vw zt_lDer 0
vw zt_lDer 10
--> Den Derotator hin und herfahren, wenn keine Schwingungen mehr
dann ist er gut eingestellt !!!
DANN !!!!!! Den äußeren Regelkreis abstimmen dafür diese Zahlen benutzen !!!!!!
.var RSE_DREAL rp_lDeRKP .0 RSE_PARA [1/s] {der+epw} ;Regler:KP
.var RSE_DREAL rp_lDeRKI=0.1 RSE_PARA [1/s^2] {der+epw} ;Regler:KI
--> Den Derotator hin und herfahren, wenn keine Schwingungen mehr auftreten, dann ist er gut eingestellt !!!
--> Dann mit dem kommando  vs die geänderten Zahlen auf die platte schreiben
--> rebooten
--> fertig

List of variables in telescope control PCs

This is the list ov variables defined in the embedded telescope PCs:

fw_nPar               090000348 [.] FW-Nr des Paramtersatzes  {sys} (wrp)
fw_vPar                     100 [.] FW-Version des Paramtersatzes  {sys} (wrp)
fw_tNam                 ROBOTEL [.] Arbeitsname OHNE BLANKS und Sonderzeichen !!!  {sys} (wrp)
fw_tCfg                 0.8000000000 ;VDREAL [#] Spiegeldurchmesser des Teleskops  {sys} (wrp)
hw_id                     36142 [.] HW-ID Base Cabinet  {sys} (wrp)
hw_cfg                    36143 [.] HW-/Parameter Configuration  {sys} (wrp)
hw_snr                        1 [.] HW-/Parameter Serienummer des Schranks  {sys} (wrp)
dl_test                       0 ;VDLONG [#] TEST f. DLONG  {sys} (wrp)
dw_test                       0 ;VIDWRD [#] TEST f. DWORD  {sys} (wrp)
pp_iFile                      1 ;VIWORD [#] 0=nicht gelesen, 1=Parameter initalisiert/gueltig 2=Backup geladen  {par} (r)
pp_iPara                      0 ;VIWORD [#] Auftrag zum Parameter speichern  {par} (w)
pp_iVars                      0 ;VIWORD [#] Auftrag zum Vars-Param speichern  {par} (w)
do_delay_init          0.500000 ;VFREAL [s] Zeitdelay bis  reinit() ausgeführt wird  {sys} (w)
is_rtm_para                   4 ;VIWORD [0,1..] 0,1=RTM-Modul Test, ob neue Parameter da sind (muss in param.txt 1 gesetzt werden!)  {sys} (wrp)
do_rtm_init                   0 ;VIWORD [0,1] 0,1=RTM-Modul Neue Parameter sind da, reinit() ausführen  {sys} (r)
do_dlg_init                   1 ;VIWORD [0,1] 0,1=Dlg-Modul Neue Parameter sind da, reinit() ausführen  {sys} (r)
do_tpl_init                   1 ;VIWORD [0,1] 0,1=Tpl-Modul Neue Parameter sind da, reinit() ausführen  {sys} (r)
is_rtm                        1 ;VIWORD [#] 0,1=RTM-Modul ist geladen und aktiv   {sys} (w)
is_dlg                        1 ;VIWORD [#] 0,1=DLG-Modul ok, 2=mit Backup Param, 9= mit Defaultparams  {sys} (w)
is_tpl                        0 ;VIWORD [#] 0,1=TPL-Modul ist geladen und aktiv  {sys} (w)
iw_timtick              0.0000000025 ;VDREAL [#] TimerTicks des Precisions-Timers (^= 1/Mhz des Rechners)  {sys+SYS} (r)
iw_timzykDLG            0.0200245602 ;VDREAL [#] Mittlere Zykluszeit des Dlgs  {sys+SYS} (r)
iw_timsigDLG            0.0000000440 ;VDREAL [#] Sigma^2 dieser Zykluszeit  {sys+SYS} (r)
iw_timRTM               0.0009978633 ;VDREAL [#] aktuelle Zykluszeit des RTM  {sys+SYS} (r)
iw_timzykRTM            0.0010015072 ;VDREAL [#] Mittlere Zykluszeit des RTM  {sys+SYS} (r)
iw_timsigRTM            0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [#] Sigma^2 dieser Zykluszeit  {sys+SYS} (r)
sy_cmd                        0 ;VIWORD [#] 0=nix,1=system-reboot  {sys} (w)
sy_pwOK                       1 ;VIWORD [0,1] Password für Telnet-Sizung 0:nicht ok, 1: ok   {sys} (w)
sy_trg                        0 ;VIWORD [0,1] Sampler/Tracer triggern  {sys} (w)
sy_osz                       13 ;VIWORD [1..n] Online Oszi Switch  {sys+all+fnc} (wrp)
sy_osz_dely                   0 ;VIWORD [0..n] Online Oszi, Ausgabe nur alle n*20 [ms]  {sys+all+fnc} (wrp)
sy_tracedely                  0 ;VIWORD [0..n] Online Trace: Alle n-Zyklen wird nur was rausgeschrieben  {sys+all+fnc} (w)
sy_dotrace                    0 ;VIDWRD [0,1] Online Trace: Anzahl an rauszuschreibenden Datensätzen  {sys+all+fnc} (w)
sy_cTsk                11634943 ;VUDWRD [#] 1ms Counter  {sys} (r)
sy_cSlw                 1163504 ;VUDWRD [#] 10ms Counter  {sys} (r)
sy_cRgl                11635143 ;VUDWRD [#] Regler Hdl Counter  {sys} (r)
sy_cAbl                11635243 ;VUDWRD [#] Ablauf Hdl  Counter  {sys} (r)
sy_hTskFg                     1 ;VIWORD [#] 1ms    Taskfreigabe  {sys} (w)
sy_hSlwFg                     1 ;VIWORD [#] 10ms   Taskfreigabe  {sys} (w)
sy_hRglFg                     1 ;VIWORD [#] Regler Taskfreigabe  {sys} (w)
sy_hAblFg                     1 ;VIWORD [#] Ablauf Taskfreigabe  {sys} (w)
sy_hIsrFg                     1 ;VIWORD [#] Isr-freigabe  {sys} (w)
sy_spl                 0.010000 ;VFREAL [s] Sample-Zeit f. Sampler/Tracer  {sys+all+fnc} (wrp)
sy_tim               11377.804688 ;VFREAL [s] Systemzeit Achtung:float  {sys} (r)
tt_Elv                        0 ;VIWORD [#] SWG TEst Elevation  {tst+elv} (w)
tt_Azm                        0 ;VIWORD [#] SWG TEst Azimuth  {tst+azm} (w)
ll_cnt                       32 ;VUDWRD [#] LogCounter  {log} (r)
ll_lvl                        0 ;VUDWRD [#] LogLevel  {log} (r)
ll_log                        1 ;VIDWRD [#] 0:keine LogFiles, 1:logging  {log} (wrp)
sw_bDmy                       0 ;VIDWRD [#]  {dmy} (wrp)
sw_cDmy                       0 ;VIDWRD [#]  {dmy} (wrp)
iw_bDmy                       0 ;VIDWRD [#]  {dmy} (wrp)
iw_cDmy                       0 ;VIDWRD [#]  {dmy} (wrp)
ll_tSem                       0 ;VIWORD [#] Log Year and Time Semaphore  {log} (r)
ll_yRtm                    2009 ;VUDWRD [#] LogYear (RTM_Task)  {log+rtm} (r)
ll_tRtm              12740689.0808219481 ;VDREAL [#] LogSeconds from Year (RTM_Task)  {log+rtm} (r)
ll_tRtm_nosema       12740689.1808279213 ;VDREAL [#] LogSeconds from Year (RTM_Task, no sema, only use in Rtm)  {log+rtm} (r)
ll_yDlg                    2009 ;VUDWRD [#] LogYear (DLG_Task)  {log+dlg} (r)
ll_tDlg              12740689.3808398657 ;VDREAL [#] LogSeconds from Year (DLG_Task)  {log+dlg} (r)
ll_yTpl                       0 ;VUDWRD [#] LogYear  (TPL_Task)  {log+tpl} (r)
ll_tTpl                 0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [#] LogSeconds from Year (TPL_Task)  {log+tpl} (r)
ll_yMsg                       0 ;VUDWRD [#] LogYear  (MSG_Task)  {log+msg} (r)
ll_tMsg                 0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [#] LogSeconds from Year (TPL_Task)  {log+msg} (r)
ew_ref_mode                   1 ;VIWORD [0,1] 0:Referenzierfahrt wenn notwendig 1:immer ref fahren  {all+glo} (wrp)
ew_rgl_off                    0 ;VIWORD [0,1] 13:Alle Regler geben keine Spannung aus!(st_xXXX nicht beschrieben, ausser bei Endschalter)  {all+glo} (w)
ew_rgl_toblo           1.510000 ;VFREAL [s] Timenout der Regler bis zum Feststellen dass er die Achse mechanisch blockiert ist   {all+glo} (wrp)
ew_etelRReg                   0 ;VIDWRD [0,1] 1:Lesen der Etelregister 2:Schreiben xxx:SAVE (geht nur, wenn die Steuerung noch nie an war) {etl+elv+azm+glo} (w)
ew_bSwgAxs                    2 ;VIWORD [0..4] SWG 0:Limits,1:V ausInterpol.,2:SwgFilter,3:SwgF.SwgV,4:wie 2,mit sfk  {etl+elv+azm+der+glo} (wrp)
ew_etel_trw1           4.600000 ;VFREAL [s] Wartezeit des Etels (Elevazablauf) nach der Referenzierung  {all+glo} (w)
ew_etel_trw2           4.500000 ;VFREAL [s] Wartezeit des Etels (Etelablauf) nach der Referenzierung  {all+glo} (w)
ew_etel_trw3           0.030000 ;VFREAL [s] Wartezeit des Etels (Etelablauf) nach der Referenzierung  {all+glo} (w)
ew_rgl_sf_v            0.005000 ;VFREAL [s] Schleppfehlerkorektur linear in v  {all+glo} (w)
ew_rgl_sf_v2           0.500000 ;VFREAL [s] Schleppfehlerkorektur v^2  {all+glo} (w)
ew_rgl_sf_dt           0.000000 ;VFREAL [s] Zeitliche Vorverlagerung des Zielpunktes  {all+glo} (w)
ew_rgl_sf_ft           0.010000 ;VFREAL [s] Zeitliche Vorverlagerung des Zielpunktes  {all+glo+elv+azm} (w)
ew_lisw_to              0.0500000000 ;VDREAL [s] Endschalter für die Regler entprellen  {all+sys} (w)
ew_rglinh_to            0.2500000000 ;VDREAL [s] Endschalter (im Regler)--> diese Richtung n[s] gesperrt  {all+sys} (w)
sw_pALL                      -1 ;VIWORD [#] -1:nix 0:alles aus 1: referenzierung 2: alles in Positionierung 3: bitmaske  {all+glo} (w)
iw_pALL                      -1 ;VIWORD [#] Ergebnis von sw_pALL  {all+glo} (w)
sw_pBitmask                  -1 ;VIDWRD [#] Bit:1=azimut, 2=elevation, 3=derotator ...vgl Ablauf/Hand_ID.h  {all+glo} (w)
sw_bZwv                       0 ;VIWORD [#] Zielwerte Verteiler -1 nix: 0= Positionieren,2= Trajektorie aus,3= Trajektorie an  {zwv+glo} (w)
sw_pOFS                       1 ;VIWORD [#] Zielwerte Verteiler -1 nix: 0=kein offset,1=nur offset,2=offset mit tasten  {all+glo+ofs} (w)
sw_SplMakeClean               0 ;VIDWRD [#] Befehl Splines löschen  {all+glo+spl} (w)
iw_SplBufMax                  0 ;VIDWRD [#] Anzahl Splines pro Achse  {all+glo+spl} (w)
iw_SplBufFree                 0 ;VIDWRD [#] Anzahl freie Splines pro Achse  {all+glo+spl} (w)
iw_SplBufSize                 0 ;VIDWRD [#] Anzahl Datenpunkte pro Spline  {all+glo+spl} (w)
iw_SplBufFp                   0 ;VIDWRD [#] Anzahl freie Datenpunkte pro Spline  {all+glo+spl} (w)
iw_SplOrdMax                  5 ;VIDWRD [#] Maximale Ordung der Splines  {all+glo+spl} (w)
sw_SplOrd                     5 ;VIDWRD [#] Aktuelle Ordung  {all+glo+spl} (w)
zz_zSem                       0 ;VIWORD [#] Zielwerte Semaphore (TPL schreibt)  {zwv} (w)
zz_rSem                       0 ;VIWORD [#] Zielwerte Semaphore (TPL ließt)  {zwv} (w)
zt_lElv                 0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [#] Elevation ZielPosition TPL Vorgabe  {elv+tpl+zwv} (w)
zi_pElv                 0.0004443359 ;VDREAL [#] Elevation Position  {elv+tpl+zwv} (w)
zi_vElv                -0.0103715303 ;VDREAL [#] Elevation Geschwindigkeit  {elv+tpl+zwv} (w)
zt_lAzm                40.0000000000 ;VDREAL [#] Azimuth ZielPosition TPL Vorgabe  {azm+tpl+zwv} (w)
zi_pAzm                40.0022241211 ;VDREAL [#] Azimuth Position  {azm+tpl+zwv} (w)
zi_vAzm                -0.0112977294 ;VDREAL [#] Azimuth Geschwindigkeit  {azm+tpl+zwv} (w)
zt_lDer               -52.8229173742 ;VDREAL [#] Derotator ZielPosition TPL Vorgabe  {der+tpl+zwv} (w)
zi_pDer               -52.8230468750 ;VDREAL [#] Derotator Position  {der+tpl+zwv} (w)
zi_vDer                -0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [#] Derotator Geschwindigkeit  {der+tpl+zwv} (w)
zt_lFok                67.0000000000 ;VDREAL [#] Fokus ZielPosition TPL Vorgabe  {fok+tpl+zwv} (w)
zi_pFok                66.9992000000 ;VDREAL [#] Fokus Position  {fok+tpl+zwv} (w)
zi_vFok                -0.0000177620 ;VDREAL [#] Fokus Geschwindigkeit  {fok+tpl+zwv} (w)
zt_lSpD               180.0000000000 ;VDREAL [#] Spiegeldrehung ZielPosition TPL Vorgabe  {spd+tpl+zwv} (w)
zi_pSpD               180.0000000000 ;VDREAL [#] Spiegeldrehung Position  {spd+tpl+zwv} (w)
zi_vSpD                 0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [#] Spiegeldrehung Geschwindigkeit  {spd+tpl+zwv} (w)
zr_lElv                 0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [#] Elevation ZielPosition rtm Vorgabe  {elv+rtm+zwv} (w)
zr_oElv                0.000000 ;VFREAL [#] Elevation ZielPosition rtm Vorgabe  {elv+rtm+zwv} (w)
zr_lAzm                40.0000000000 ;VDREAL [#] Azimuth ZielPosition rtm Vorgabe  {azm+rtm+zwv} (w)
zr_oAzm                0.000000 ;VFREAL [#] Azimuth ZielPosition rtm Vorgabe  {azm+rtm+zwv} (w)
zr_lDer               -52.8229173742 ;VDREAL [#] Derotator ZielPosition rtm Vorgabe  {der+rtm+zwv} (w)
zr_oDer                0.000000 ;VFREAL [#] Derotator ZielPosition rtm Vorgabe  {der+rtm+zwv} (w)
zr_lFok                67.0000000000 ;VDREAL [#] Fokus ZielPosition rtm Vorgabe  {fok+rtm+zwv} (w)
zr_oFok                0.000000 ;VFREAL [#] Fokus ZielPosition rtm Vorgabe  {fok+rtm+zwv} (w)
zr_lSpD               180.0000000000 ;VDREAL [#] Spiegeldrehung ZielPosition rtm Vorgabe  {spd+rtm+zwv} (w)
zr_oSpD                0.000000 ;VFREAL [#] Spiegeldrehung ZielPosition rtm Vorgabe  {spd+rtm+zwv} (w)
cw_minIDX              0.000000 ;VFREAL [#] OpenClose::Min Index:  (geschlossen)  {all+opc} (w)
cw_maxIDX              1.000000 ;VFREAL [#] OpenClose::Max Index:  (offen)  {all+opc} (w)
cw_SpD_minIDX          0.000000 ;VFREAL [#] Spiegeldrehung::Min Index: 0...  {abl+spg} (r)
cw_SpD_maxIDX        180.000000 ;VFREAL [#] Spiegeldrehung::Max Index: > cw_SpD_minIDX  {abl+spg} (r)
ab_sm_main                    0 ;VIDWRD [#] Main::state  {abl+mai} (w)
sw_main_modus                 0 ;VIDWRD [#] Main::Modus Steurung an, ready ....  {abl+mai} (w)
iw_main_status                2 ;VIDWRD [#] Main::Status  {abl+mai} (w)
tw_main_hand                  1 ;VIDWRD [#] Main::Handsteuerung Schlüsslschalter + Auswahlschalter  {abl+mai} (r)
tw_main_start         -0.003000 ;VFREAL [#] Main::Handsteuerung Taster start  {abl+mai} (r)
tw_main_left          -0.003000 ;VFREAL [#] Main::Handsteuerung Taster links  {abl+mai} (r)
tw_main_right         -0.003000 ;VFREAL [#] Main::Handsteuerung Taster rechts  {abl+mai} (r)
tw_main_up            -0.003000 ;VFREAL [#] Main::Handsteuerung Taster up  {abl+mai} (r)
tw_main_down          -0.003000 ;VFREAL [#] Main::Handsteuerung Taster down  {abl+mai} (r)
tb_main_start                 0 ;VIWORD [#] Main::Handsteuerung Taster start  {abl+mai} (r)
tb_main_left                  0 ;VIWORD [#] Main::Handsteuerung Taster links  {abl+mai} (r)
tb_main_right                 0 ;VIWORD [#] Main::Handsteuerung Taster rechts  {abl+mai} (r)
tb_main_up                    0 ;VIWORD [#] Main::Handsteuerung Taster up  {abl+mai} (r)
tb_main_down                  0 ;VIWORD [#] Main::Handsteuerung Taster down  {abl+mai} (r)
tw_main_lr                    0 ;VIDWRD [#] Main::Handsteuerung Taster rechts und links  {abl+mai} (r)
tw_main_ud                    0 ;VIDWRD [#] Main::Handsteuerung Taster up und down  {abl+mai} (r)
iw_main_local                -1 ;VIWORD [#] Main:: -1: mittelstellung 1:local 0:remot  {abl+mai} (r)
iw_main_runlev                0 ;VIWORD [#] Main:: -1:off 0:run 1:handmode 2:tpl 3:tplHand  {abl+mai} (r)
iw_main_notaus                0 ;VIWORD [#] Main:: 0:kein 1:notaus  {abl+mai} (r)
tw_main_bdimm           0.3000000119 ;VDREAL [#] Main::Handsteuerung Taster dimmen  {abl+mai} (w)
ew_main_signal         5.000000 ;VFREAL [s] Main::Zeitdauer der Hupe  {abl+mai} (wrp)
ew_main_startd        15.000000 ;VFREAL [s] Main::Zeitdauer beim Hochfahren bis der Dekel egal ist  {abl+mai} (wrp)
ew_main_stopd         60.000000 ;VFREAL [s] Main::Zeitdauer bei USV_Betrieb bis der Dekel egal ist  {abl+mai} (wrp)
ew_cab_type                   1 ;VIWORD [#] Schaltschranktype::Type  1:default, 2:(mit Heizung u Telesk. Steckdosen)  {typ+mai} (wrp)
ew_cab_revi                   0 ;VIWORD [#] Schaltschranktype::Type  0:Alte Schränke(RS), 1:(EL)  {typ+mai} (wrp)
ew_bot_type                   1 ;VIWORD [#] Bedienflasche::Type  0:keine, 1:da  {typ+mai} (wrp)
ew_eme_type                   1 ;VIWORD [#] Notaussicherung::Type  0:keine, 1:da  {typ+mai} (wrp)
ew_phw_type                   1 ;VIWORD [#] Phaseüberwachung::Type  0:keine, 1:da  {typ+mai} (wrp)
ew_USV_type                   2 ;VIWORD [#] USV::Type   0:keine, 1:da  {typ+mai} (wrp)
ew_clim_type                  1 ;VIWORD [#] Klimagerät::Type  0:keine, 1:da   {typ+mai} (wrp)
ew_oil_type                   2 ;VIWORD [#] Öl::Type der Ölpumpe: 0=keine, 1= Normale 2=Aufwenig  {typ+oil} (wrp)
ab_sm_oil                     0 ;VIDWRD [#] Öl::state  {abl+oil} (w)
sw_oil_modus                  0 ;VIDWRD [#] Öl::Modus  {abl+oil} (w)
iw_oil_status          67108866 ;VIDWRD [#] Öl::Status  {abl+oil} (w)
ew_oil_err_ut         30.000000 ;VFREAL [s] Öl::Maximalzeit bis der Druck da sein muß  {abl+oil} (wrp)
ew_oil_err_na        120.000000 ;VFREAL [s] Öl::Maximalzeit in der nicht abgesaugt werden kann  {abl+oil} (wrp)
ew_oil_err_fl         10.000000 ;VFREAL [s] Öl::Zeit bis gemeldeter Filter als verschmutzt gilt  {abl+oil} (wrp)
ew_oil_err_lv          1.000000 ;VFREAL [s] Öl::Zeit bis gemeldeter Olstand als zu niedrig/hoch gilt  {abl+oil} (wrp)
ew_oil_delytu          0.500000 ;VFREAL [s] Öl::Zeit bis gemeldete ÜbertemperaturTemperatur als zu hoch gilt  {abl+oil} (wrp)
ew_oil_delytd         10.000000 ;VFREAL [s] Öl::Zeit bis gemeldete Untertemperatur verzögert wird (Sonst klappert u.U. der Schütz)  {abl+oil} (wrp)
ew_oil_preheat         5.000000 ;VFREAL [s] Öl::Wenn's zu kalt ist wird zuerst nur max solange beheizt (nur wenn > 0)  {abl+oil} (wrp)
ew_oil_absaug         14.000000 ;VFREAL [s] Öl::Wenn Abgesaugt wird und der Level wieder unterhalb liegt, wird noch solange weitergesaugt  {abl+oil} (wrp)
ew_dek_type                   6 ;VIWORD [#] Deckel::Type 0=kein Deckel, 1=Dek1, 2=Dek2, 3=Dek3, 4=Dek1&Dek2 5=Dek1&Dek2&Dek3 6=Dek2&Dek3 7=Dek3&Dek2  {typ+dek} (wrp)
sw_dek_modus                  0 ;VIDWRD [#] Deckel::Modus  {abl+dek} (w)
iw_dek_status          67141646 ;VIDWRD [#] Deckel::Status  {abl+dek} (w)
sw_dek_pos             0.000000 ;VFREAL [#] Deckel::SollPosition  {abl+dek} (w)
iw_dek_pos             0.500000 ;VFREAL [#] Deckel::IstPosition  {abl+dek} (w)
ab_sm_dk1                     0 ;VIDWRD [#] Deckel1::state  {abl+dek+dk1} (w)
sw_dk1_modus                  0 ;VIDWRD [#] Deckel1::Modus  {abl+dek+dk1} (w)
iw_dk1_status                 0 ;VIDWRD [#] Deckel1::Status  {abl+dek+dk1} (w)
ew_dk1_pl                     0 ;VIDWRD [0,1] Deckel1::Polarität Endschalter 0:heisst 1-aktiv, 1: heisst 0-aktiv  {abl+dek+dk1} (wrp)
ew_dk1_pr                     0 ;VIDWRD [0,1] Deckel1::Polarität Endschalter 0:heisst 1-aktiv, 1: heisst 0-aktiv  {abl+dek+dk1} (wrp)
ew_dk1_prl             0.000000 ;VFREAL [s] Bremse: Nachlaufzeit für Bewegung links  {abl+dek+dk1} (wrp)
ew_dk1_prr             0.000000 ;VFREAL [s] Bremse: Nachlaufzeit für Bewegung rechts  {abl+dek+dk1} (wrp)
ew_dk1_exx                    0 ;VIWORD [#] Bremse: Endschalter vertauschen  {abl+dek+dk1} (wrp)
ew_dk1_to             15.000000 ;VFREAL [#] Deckel1::Timeout fürs Erreichen des Endschalters  {abl+dek+dk1} (wrp)
ab_sm_dk2                     0 ;VIDWRD [#] Deckel2::state  {abl+dek+dk2} (w)
sw_dk2_modus                  8 ;VIDWRD [#] Deckel2::Modus  {abl+dek+dk2} (w)
iw_dk2_status          67141646 ;VIDWRD [#] Deckel2::Status  {abl+dek+dk2} (w)
ew_dk2_pl                     1 ;VIDWRD [0,1] Deckel2::Polarität Endschalter 0:heisst 1-aktiv, 1: heisst 0-aktiv  {abl+dek+dk2} (wrp)
ew_dk2_pr                     1 ;VIDWRD [0,1] Deckel2::Polarität Endschalter 0:heisst 1-aktiv, 1: heisst 0-aktiv  {abl+dek+dk2} (wrp)
ew_dk2_prl             0.200000 ;VFREAL [s] Bremse: Nachlaufzeit für Bewegung links  {abl+dek+dk2} (wrp)
ew_dk2_prr             0.000000 ;VFREAL [s] Bremse: Nachlaufzeit für Bewegung rechts  {abl+dek+dk2} (wrp)
ew_dk2_exx                    0 ;VIWORD [#] Bremse: Endschalter vertauschen  {abl+dek+dk2} (wrp)
ew_dk2_to             12.000000 ;VFREAL [#] Deckel2::Timeout fürs Erreichen des Endschalters  {abl+dek+dk2} (wrp)
ab_sm_dk3                     0 ;VIDWRD [#] Deckel3::state  {abl+dek+dk3} (w)
sw_dk3_modus                  8 ;VIDWRD [#] Deckel3::Modus  {abl+dek+dk3} (w)
iw_dk3_status          67141646 ;VIDWRD [#] Deckel3::Status  {abl+dek+dk3} (w)
ew_dk3_pl                     1 ;VIDWRD [0,1] Deckel3::Polarität Endschalter 0:heisst 1-aktiv, 1: heisst 0-aktiv  {abl+dek+dk3} (wrp)
ew_dk3_pr                     1 ;VIDWRD [0,1] Deckel3::Polarität Endschalter 0:heisst 1-aktiv, 1: heisst 0-aktiv  {abl+dek+dk3} (wrp)
ew_dk3_prl             0.100000 ;VFREAL [s] Bremse: Nachlaufzeit für Bewegung links  {abl+dek+dk3} (wrp)
ew_dk3_prr             0.000000 ;VFREAL [s] Bremse: Nachlaufzeit für Bewegung rechts  {abl+dek+dk3} (wrp)
ew_dk3_exx                    0 ;VIWORD [#] Bremse: Endschalter vertauschen  {abl+dek+dk3} (wrp)
ew_dk3_to             12.000000 ;VFREAL [#] Deckel3::Timeout fürs Erreichen des Endschalters  {abl+dek+dk3} (wrp)
ew_dom_type                   0 ;VIWORD [#] Dome::Type 0=kein Dome, 1=Dome1, 2=Dome1&Dome2 (mit gegens. Behind.) 3=Dome1&Dome2 (ohne gegens. Behind.)  {typ+dom} (wrp)
sw_dom_modus                  0 ;VIDWRD [#] Dome::Modus  {abl+dom} (w)
iw_dom_status                10 ;VIDWRD [#] Dome::Status  {abl+dom} (w)
sw_dom_pos             0.000000 ;VFREAL [#] Dome::SollPosition  {abl+dom} (w)
iw_dom_pos             0.000000 ;VFREAL [#] Dome::IstPosition  {abl+dom} (w)
ab_sm_do1                     0 ;VIDWRD [#] Dome1::state  {abl+dom+do1} (w)
sw_do1_modus                  0 ;VIDWRD [#] Dome1::Modus  {abl+dom+do1} (w)
iw_do1_status                 0 ;VIDWRD [#] Dome1::Status  {abl+dom+do1} (w)
ew_do1_pl                     0 ;VIDWRD [0,1] Dome1::Polarität Endschalter 0:heisst 1-aktiv, 1: heisst 0-aktiv  {abl+dom+do1} (wrp)
ew_do1_pr                     0 ;VIDWRD [0,1] Dome1::Polarität Endschalter 0:heisst 1-aktiv, 1: heisst 0-aktiv  {abl+dom+do1} (wrp)
ew_do1_prl             0.000000 ;VFREAL [s] Bremse: Nachlaufzeit für Bewegung links  {abl+dek+do1} (wrp)
ew_do1_prr             0.000000 ;VFREAL [s] Bremse: Nachlaufzeit für Bewegung rechts  {abl+dek+do1} (wrp)
ew_do1_exx                    0 ;VIWORD [#] Bremse: Endschalter vertauschen  {abl+dek+do3} (wrp)
ew_do1_to             10.000000 ;VFREAL [#] Dome1::Timeout fürs Erreichen des Endschalters  {abl+dom+do1} (wrp)
ab_sm_do2                     0 ;VIDWRD [#] Dome2::state  {abl+dom+do2} (w)
sw_do2_modus                  0 ;VIDWRD [#] Dome2::Modus  {abl+dom+do2} (w)
iw_do2_status                 0 ;VIDWRD [#] Dome2::Status  {abl+dom+do2} (w)
ew_do2_pl                     0 ;VIDWRD [0,1] Dome2::Polarität Endschalter 0:heisst 1-aktiv, 1: heisst 0-aktiv  {abl+dom+do2} (wrp)
ew_do2_pr                     0 ;VIDWRD [0,1] Dome2::Polarität Endschalter 0:heisst 1-aktiv, 1: heisst 0-aktiv  {abl+dom+do2} (wrp)
ew_do2_prl             0.000000 ;VFREAL [s] Bremse: Nachlaufzeit für Bewegung links  {abl+dek+do2} (wrp)
ew_do2_prr             0.000000 ;VFREAL [s] Bremse: Nachlaufzeit für Bewegung rechts  {abl+dek+do2} (wrp)
ew_do2_exx                    0 ;VIWORD [#] Bremse: Endschalter vertauschen  {abl+dek+do2} (wrp)
ew_do2_to             10.000000 ;VFREAL [#] Dome2::Timeout fürs Erreichen des Endschalters  {abl+dom+do2} (wrp)
ew_fra_type                   0 ;VIWORD [#] Farbrad::Type 0:keins, 1 normales Farbrad, 2 recht/links Farbrad  {typ+fra} (wrp)
ew_fra_subid                  1 ;VIWORD [#] Die Tpl Sub-Id  {typ+der} (wrp)
ab_sm_fra                     0 ;VIDWRD [#] Farbrad::state  {abl+fra} (r)
sw_fra_modus                  0 ;VIDWRD [#] Farbrad::Modus  {abl+fra} (w)
iw_fra_status                 2 ;VIDWRD [#] Farbrad::Status  {abl+fra} (r)
sw_fra_pos             0.000000 ;VFREAL [#] Farbrad::SollPosition  {abl+fra} (w)
iw_fra_pos             0.000000 ;VFREAL [#] Farbrad::IstPosition  {abl+fra} (r)
iw_fra_mcount         12.000000 ;VFREAL [#] Farbrad::maxindex  {abl+fra} (r)
ew_fra_toref          60.000000 ;VFREAL [s] Farbrad::Timeout Refernzierung  {abl+fra} (wrp)
ew_fra_toind          10.000000 ;VFREAL [s] Farbrad::Timeout von index zu index  {abl+fra} (wrp)
ew_fra_postd           0.090000 ;VFREAL [s] Farbrad::Nachlauf nach dem Index  {abl+fra} (wrp)
ew_fra_minIDX          0.000000 ;VFREAL [#] Farbrad::Min Index:  {abl+fra} (wrp)
ew_fra_maxIDX         12.000000 ;VFREAL [#] Farbrad::Max Index: Anzahl der Felder (max-min)+1  {abl+fra} (wrp)
ew_twait               0.050000 ;VFREAL [#] Farbrad::Watezeit bei revers  {abl+fra} (wrp)
zr_ofra                0.000000 ;VFREAL [#] Farbrad ZielPosition rtm Vorgabe  {fra+rtm+zwv} (w)
xw_fra_motor                  0 ;VIWORD [#] Farbrad::Ausgabe Motor ***DEBUG  {abl+fra} (r)
fge_type                      2 ;VIWORD [0..] Type 0=sin,1=säge,2=dreieck,3=rechteck  {fge} (w)
fge_T                  20.0000000000 ;VDREAL [s] Periodendauer (0.05-1000)  {fge} (w)
fge_amp                 1.0000000000 ;VDREAL [#] Amplitude des Ausgangs  {fge} (w)
fge_off                 0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [#] Offset des Ausgangs  {fge} (w)
fge_out                -0.0686000000 ;VDREAL [#] Ausgang  {fge} (w)
fge_oud                 0.2000000000 ;VDREAL [#] Ausgang (Ableitung)  {fge} (w)
fge_ints1              15.5440000000 ;VDREAL [#] intern  {fge} (r)
fge_ints2               4.3570000000 ;VDREAL [#] intern  {fge} (r)
fge_ints3               1.0000000000 ;VDREAL [#] intern  {fge} (r)
fges_on                       0 ;VIWORD [#] Sweep 1=an 2=oneshoot  {fge} (w)
fges_D                 60.0000000000 ;VDREAL [s] Sweep Dauer  {fge} (w)
fges_xs                61.0000000000 ;VDREAL [s] Sweep StartPeriodendauer  {fge} (w)
fges_xe                 1.0000000000 ;VDREAL [s] Sweep StartPeriodendauer  {fge} (w)
fges_ints               0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [#] intern  {fge} (r)
sy_sin                  0.0284114525 ;VDREAL [#] Testsignal Sinus  {sys} (w)
sy_cos                  0.9920635054 ;VDREAL [#] Testsignal Cosinus  {sys} (w)
sy_sqs                  0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [#] Testsignal Rechteck  {sys} (w)
sy_sqt                  0.8120000000 ;VDREAL [s] istwert Rechteck-Signal-Periode  {sys} (r)
sy_sqp                  3.3000000000 ;VDREAL [s] T=1/Frequenz Rechteck  {sys} (wrp)
iw_tCU                23.095703 ;VFREAL [G] Schaltschrank Innentemperatur  {sen} (w)
iw_tTel_1             16.577148 ;VFREAL [G] Feld 1 Temperatur  {sen} (w)
iw_tTel_2             16.650391 ;VFREAL [G] Feld 2 Temperatur  {sen} (w)
iw_tTel_3              0.000000 ;VFREAL [G] Reserve 3 Temperatur  {sen} (w)
iw_tTel_4              0.000000 ;VFREAL [G] Reserve 4 Temperatur  {sen} (w)
iw_tTel_5              0.000000 ;VFREAL [G] Reserve 5 Temperatur  {sen} (w)
iw_tTel_6              0.000000 ;VFREAL [G] Reserve 6 Temperatur  {sen} (w)
iw_tTel_7              0.000000 ;VFREAL [G] Reserve 7 Temperatur  {sen} (w)
gw_tCU                23.039597 ;VFREAL [G] Glattwert Schaltschrank Innentemperatur  {sen} (w)
gw_tTel_1             16.513756 ;VFREAL [G] Glattwert Feld 1 Temperatur  {sen} (w)
gw_tTel_2             16.653685 ;VFREAL [G] Glattwert Feld 2 Temperatur  {sen} (w)
gw_tTel_3              0.000000 ;VFREAL [G] Glattwert Reserve 3 Temperatur  {sen} (w)
gw_tTel_4              0.000000 ;VFREAL [G] Glattwert Reserve 4 Temperatur  {sen} (w)
gw_tTel_5              0.000000 ;VFREAL [G] Glattwert Reserve 5 Temperatur  {sen} (w)
gw_tTel_6              0.000000 ;VFREAL [G] Glattwert Reserve 6 Temperatur  {sen} (w)
gw_tTel_7              0.000000 ;VFREAL [G] Glattwert Reserve 7 Temperatur  {sen} (w)
ew_sens_type                  7 ;VIWORD [bits] Sensoren Type, Bitwert:0,1=existiert[0=Cabinet,1=M2,2=M1,3=M3,4=T1,5=T2,6=Oil,7=Oil(Druck)]  {typ+sen} (wrp)
fp_tTmpCU              1.000000 ;VFREAL [s] Filterzeitkonstante SchrankTemperatur  {sen+par} (wrp)
fp_tTelExt             2.000000 ;VFREAL [s] Filterzeitkonstante TelesakopTemperaturen  {sen+par} (wrp)
ew_tTmpCU             10.000000 ;VFREAL [G/V] TemperaturSkalierung Schrank  {sen+par} (wrp)
ew_tOfsCU              0.000000 ;VFREAL [G/V] TemperaturOffset Schrank  {sen+par} (wrp)
ew_tTmpTel            15.000000 ;VFREAL [G/V] TemperaturSkalierung Teleskop  {sen+par} (wrp)
ew_tOfsTel           -50.000000 ;VFREAL [G/V] TemperaturOffset Teleskop  {sen+par} (wrp)
ew_tCUMax             45.000000 ;VFREAL [G] Maximaltemperatur Schrank  {sen+par} (wrp)
ew_tCUMin             10.000000 ;VFREAL [G] Minimaltemperatur Schrank  {sen+par} (wrp)
ew_sensor0            T_cabinet [.] Name of Sensor 0 --> AD 0  {sen} (wrp)
ew_sensor1                 T_M2 [.] Name of Sensor 1 --> AD 1  {sen} (wrp)
ew_sensor2                 T_M1 [.] Name of Sensor 2 --> AD 2  {sen} (wrp)
ew_sensor3                 T_M3 [.] Name of Sensor 3 --> AD 3  {sen} (wrp)
ew_sensor4             T_Tubus1 [.] Name of Sensor 4 --> AD 4  {sen} (wrp)
ew_sensor5             T_Tubus2 [.] Name of Sensor 5 --> AD 5  {sen} (wrp)
ew_sensor6                T_Oil [.] Name of Sensor 6 --> AD 6  {sen} (wrp)
ew_sensor7                P_Oil [.] Name of Sensor 7 --> AD 7  {sen} (wrp)
ew_Fok_type                  10 ;VIWORD [0,1,2,10] Fokus Type 0:keinen, 1,2:mit/ohne Bremse, 10:besser  {typ+fok} (wrp)
ew_Fok_EndPolarity            0 ;VIWORD [0,1] Polarität Endschalter 0: heisst 1-aktiv, 1: heisst 0-aktiv  {typ+fok} (wrp)
ew_bFok_type                  1 ;VIWORD [0,1,] Bremse: 0:ohne 1:mit einfacher 2:OpenCloseBremse  {typ+fok} (wrp)
ew_bfok_to             0.080000 ;VFREAL [0,1] Bremse: Zeit bis die Bremse offen ist  {fok} (wrp)
ew_bFok_pwm                  -1 ;VIDWRD [#] Bremse: Pwm-Bit-Muster  {fok} (wrp)
sw_bfok_modus                 0 ;VIDWRD [#] Bremse::Modus  {fok+Fok} (w)
ab_sm_fok                     0 ;VIDWRD [#] Fokus::state  {fok} (w)
sw_fok_modus                  0 ;VIDWRD [#] Fokus::Modus  {fok+Fok} (w)
iw_fok_status          67141666 ;VIDWRD [0,1..] Fokus::Status  {fok+Fok} (w)
sw_bFok                       0 ;VIDWRD [0,1..] Fokus::Modus Regler  {fok+Fok} (w)
ew_fok_toref         240.000000 ;VFREAL [s] Fokus::Timeout Refernzierung  {fok} (wrp)
sw_pFok                67.0000000000 ;VDREAL [mm] Zielposition in Lageregelung  {fok+Fok} (w)
sw_vFok                 0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [mm/s] Sollgeschw. in Drehzahlregelung  {fok+Fok} (w)
sv_vFok                 0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [mm/s] Geschw. Vorsteuerung Lageregelung   {fok} (w)
iw_dFok                       1 ;VIDWRD [#] InkrementalgeberÄnderung  {fok+riw} (w)
iw_xFok                  317499 ;VIDWRD [#] Inkrementalgeber  {fok+riw} (w)
iw_pFok                66.9996000000 ;VDREAL [mm] IstPosition  {fok+Fok} (w)
iw_vFok                 0.2000000000 ;VDREAL [mm/s] IstDrehzahl (ungefiltert)  {fok+riw} (w)
gw_vFok                 0.0000673678 ;VDREAL [mm/s] IstDrehzahl (gefiltert)  {fok+Fok} (w)
iw_pelFok             -53.6724000000 ;VDREAL [mm] Endschalterposition l  {fok+riw} (w)
iw_perFok               0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [mm] Endschalterposition r  {fok+riw} (w)
dw_pFok                 0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [mm] Labeabweichung  {fok+riw} (w)
dw_vFok                 0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [mm/s] Geschw.abweichung  {fok+riw} (w)
dw_vbFok               -0.0002918000 ;VDREAL [mm/s] begrenzte Geschw.abweichung  {fok+riw} (w)
rr_pFok                66.9994000000 ;VDREAL [mm] Führungsgröße für Lageregelung   {fok+Fok} (w)
lw_pFok                67.0000000000 ;VDREAL [mm] Sollwert begrenz auf SW-Endlagen(SWG)  {swg+fok} (w)
rr_vFok                 0.0000530660 ;VDREAL [mm/s] Geschw. Vorsteuerung   {fok+Fok} (w)
lw_vFok                 3.0000000000 ;VDREAL [mm/s] Führungsgrößenbegrenzung   {fok} (w)
lw_aFok                 1.0000000000 ;VDREAL [mm/s^2] Führungsgrößenbegrenzung   {swg+fok} (w)
sl_vFok                 0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [mm/s] Geschw. Stellgröße von Lageregelung  {fok} (w)
sl_svFok                0.0000005716 ;VDREAL [mm/s] Geschw. Stellgröße von Lageregelung   {fok} (w)
st_vFok                 0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [mm/s] Geschw. Stellgröße zur HW  {fok} (w)
st_xFok                 0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [V] Geschw. Stellgröße zur HW  {fok+Fok} (w)
ew_FokCD                1.0000000000 ;VDREAL [+-1] +/- 1: Achsen-Drehrichtung  {fok+epw} (wrp)
ew_sFok              5000.0000000000 ;VDREAL [#/mm] Encoder-Auflösung  {fok+epw} (wrp)
ew_vFok                 0.0400000000 ;VDREAL [NE/mm/s] Stellgrößen-Skalierung (1 NE=10V Output)  {fok+epw} (wrp)
ew_svvFok               0.0400000000 ;VDREAL [NE/mm/s] v-Stellgrößen-Skalierung (1 NE=10V Output)  {fok+epw} (wrp)
fp_tFok                 0.1000000000 ;VDREAL [s] Glättungsfilter Drehzahl.  {fok+epw} (wrp)
ew_pdeltFok            0.003000 ;VFREAL [mm] Lagedifferenzbildung für STAT_No_Differenze  {fok+epw} (wrp)
ew_vdeltFok            0.002000 ;VFREAL [mm/s] Geschwind.differenzbildung für STAT_is_moving  {fok+epw} (wrp)
ew_pstartFok           0.000000 ;VFREAL [mm] Start Sollwert  {fok+epw} (wrp)
ew_pRefFok              3.5000000000 ;VDREAL [mm] Referenzierungsoffset p nach dem Referenzieren  {fok+epw} (wrp)
ew_vRefFok             1.000000 ;VFREAL [mm/s] Geschwindigkeit bei der Referenzierung  {fok+epw} (wrp)
ew_vRefrFok            0.500000 ;VFREAL [%] Relativgeschwindigkeit beim Zurückfahren beim Referenzierung  {fok+epw} (wrp)
ew_vHandFok            1.000000 ;VFREAL [mm/s] Geschwindigkeit bei der Handsteuerung  {fok+epw} (wrp)
ew_Fok_Refen                  0 ;VIWORD [#] Referenzierung über Encoder=0, sonst Endschalter  {fok+epw} (wrp)
ew_Fok_Reflr                  0 ;VIWORD [#] Referenzierung links=0, sonst rechts  {fok+epw} (wrp)
ew_pFokMax             96.0000000000 ;VDREAL [mm] SWG-Maximaler +Weg  {swg+fok} (wrp)
ew_pFokMin              0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [mm] SWG-Maximaler -Weg  {swg+fok} (wrp)
ew_vFokVec              1.0010000000 ;VDREAL [#] SWG-Geschw. Vector Vorhalt  {swg+fok} (wrp)
ew_vFokOfs              0.0010000000 ;VDREAL [#] SWG-Geschw. Vector Offset  {swg+fok} (wrp)
ew_vFokMax              3.0000000000 ;VDREAL [mm/s] max. Geschwindigkeit  {fok+epw} (wrp)
ew_taFokLim             1.0000000000 ;VDREAL [s] Beschleunigungsrbegr.  {fok+epw} (wrp)
ew_tjFokRed             2.0000000000 ;VDREAL [s] Ruckreduzierung  {fok+epw} (wrp)
ew_aFokMax              1.0000000000 ;VDREAL [mm/s*s] SWG-Maximale BeEschleunigung = v_max/taLim  {fok+epw} (wrp)
rp_lFokKP               2.5000000000 ;VDREAL [1/s] Regler:KP  {fok+epw} (wrp)
rp_lFokKI               0.1000000000 ;VDREAL [1/s^2] Regler:KI  {fok+epw} (wrp)
rp_lFokLIM              0.1000000000 ;VDREAL [mm/s] Regler: I-Begrenzung  {fok+epw} (wrp)
rp_vFokKP               6.0000000000 ;VDREAL [1] Regler:KP  {fok+epw} (wrp)
rp_vFokKI               6.0000000000 ;VDREAL [1/s] Regler:KI  {fok+epw} (wrp)
rp_vFokLIM             20.0000000000 ;VDREAL [mm/s] Regler: I-Begrenzung  {fok+epw} (wrp)
ab_sm_spgl1                   0 ;VIDWRD [#] Spiegeldrehung1::state  {abl+spg} (w)
sw_spgl1_modus                4 ;VIDWRD [#] Spiegeldrehung1::Modus  {abl+spg} (w)
iw_spgl1_status        67141638 ;VIDWRD [#] Spiegeldrehung1::Status  {abl+spg} (w)
ew_spgl1_to           45.000000 ;VFREAL [#] Spiegeldrehung1::Timeout fürs Erreichen des Endschalters  {abl+spg} (wrp)
ew_SpD_type                   3 ;VIWORD [0,1,2] Spiegeldrehung Type 0:keinen, 1,2:mit/ohne Bremse 3:binärServo  {typ+spd} (wrp)
ew_SpD_EndPolarity            0 ;VIWORD [0,1] Polarität Endschalter 0:heisst 1-aktiv, 1: heisst 0-aktiv  {typ+spd} (wrp)
ew_bSpD_type                  2 ;VIWORD [0,1,] Bremse: 0:ohne 1:mit einfacher 2:OpenCloseBremse   {typ+spd} (wrp)
ew_bSpD_to            45.000000 ;VFREAL [0,1] Bremse: Zeit bis die Bremse offen ist  {spd} (wrp)
ew_bSpD_pwm                  -1 ;VIDWRD [#] Bremse: Pwm-Bit-Muster  {spd} (wrp)
ew_bSpD_pl                    0 ;VIDWRD [0,1] Bremse: Polarität Endschalter 0:heisst 1-aktiv, 1: heisst 0-aktiv  {spd} (wrp)
ew_bSpD_pr                    0 ;VIDWRD [0,1] Bremse: Polarität Endschalter 0:heisst 1-aktiv, 1: heisst 0-aktiv  {spd} (wrp)
ew_bSpD_prl            0.400000 ;VFREAL [s] Bremse: Nachlaufzeit für Bewegung links  {spd} (wrp)
ew_bSpD_prr            0.400000 ;VFREAL [s] Bremse: Nachlaufzeit für Bewegung rechts  {spd} (wrp)
ew_bSpD_exx                   0 ;VIWORD [s] Bremse: Endschalter vertauschen  {spd} (wrp)
sw_bSpD_modus                 0 ;VIDWRD [#] Bremse::Modus  {spd+SpD} (w)
ew_bSpD_sprun                 1 ;VUDWRD [#] Bremse::Wenn sie gleich 1 ist, macht sie auch wieder zu obwohl's aus ist  {spd+SpD} (wrp)
ab_sm_SpD                     0 ;VIDWRD [#] state  {spd} (w)
sw_SpD_modus                  0 ;VIDWRD [#] Modus  {spd+SpD} (w)
sw_SpD_cmodus                 0 ;VIDWRD [#] Copy of Modus  {spd+SpD} (w)
iw_SpD_status          67141638 ;VIDWRD [0,1..] Status  {spd+SpD} (w)
sw_bSpD                       0 ;VIDWRD [0,1..] Modus Regler  {spd+SpD} (w)
ew_SpD_toref         250.000000 ;VFREAL [s] Timeout Refernzierung  {spd} (wrp)
sw_pSpD               180.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°] Zielposition in Lageregelung  {spd+SpD} (w)
sw_vSpD                 0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°/s] Sollgeschw. in Drehzahlregelung  {spd+SpD} (w)
sv_vSpD                 0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°/s] Geschw. Vorsteuerung Lageregelung   {spd} (w)
iw_dSpD                       0 ;VIDWRD [#] InkrementalgeberÄnderung  {spd+riw} (w)
iw_xSpD                       0 ;VIDWRD [#] Inkrementalgeber  {spd+riw} (w)
iw_pSpD               180.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°] IstPosition  {spd+SpD} (w)
iw_vSpD                 0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°/s] IstDrehzahl (ungefiltert)  {spd+riw} (w)
gw_vSpD                 0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°/s] IstDrehzahl (gefiltert)  {spd+SpD} (w)
iw_pelSpD               0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°] Endschalterposition l  {spd+riw} (w)
iw_perSpD               0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°] Endschalterposition r  {spd+riw} (w)
dw_pSpD                 0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°] Labeabweichung  {spd+riw} (w)
dw_vSpD                 0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°/s] Geschw.abweichung  {spd+riw} (w)
dw_vbSpD                0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°/s] begrenzte Geschw.abweichung  {spd+riw} (w)
rr_pSpD                 0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°] Führungsgröße für Lageregelung   {spd+SpD} (w)
lw_pSpD                 0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°] Sollwert begrenz auf SW-Endlagen(SWG)  {swg+spd} (w)
rr_vSpD                 0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°/s] Geschw. Vorsteuerung   {spd+SpD} (w)
lw_vSpD                 0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°/s] Führungsgrößenbegrenzung   {spd} (w)
lw_aSpD                 0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°/s^2] Führungsgrößenbegrenzung   {swg+spd} (w)
sl_vSpD                 0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°/s] Geschw. Stellgröße von Lageregelung  {spd} (w)
sl_svSpD                0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°/s] Geschw. Stellgröße von Lageregelung   {spd} (w)
st_vSpD                 0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°/s] Geschw. Stellgröße zur HW  {spd} (w)
st_xSpD                 0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [V] Geschw. Stellgröße zur HW  {spd+SpD} (w)
ew_SpDCD               -1.0000000000 ;VDREAL [+-1] +/- 1: Achsen-Drehrichtung  {spd+epw} (wrp)
ew_sSpD              -111.1111111111 ;VDREAL [#/°] Encoder-Auflösung  {spd+epw} (wrp)
ew_vSpD                -0.1000000000 ;VDREAL [NE/°/s] Stellgrößen-Skalierung (1 NE=10V Output)  {spd+epw} (wrp)
ew_svvSpD              -0.1000000000 ;VDREAL [NE/°/s] v-Stellgrößen-Skalierung (1 NE=10V Output)  {spd+epw} (wrp)
fp_tSpD                 0.0500000000 ;VDREAL [s] Glättungsfilter Drehzahl.  {spd+epw} (wrp)
ew_pdeltSpD            0.003000 ;VFREAL [°] Lagedifferenzbildung für STAT_No_Differenze  {spd+epw} (wrp)
ew_vdeltSpD            0.002000 ;VFREAL [°/s] Geschwind.differenzbildung für STAT_is_moving  {spd+epw} (wrp)
ew_pstartSpD           0.000000 ;VFREAL [°] Start Sollwert  {spd+epw} (wrp)
ew_pRefSpD             82.8000000000 ;VDREAL [°] Referenzierungsoffset p nach dem Referenzieren  {spd+epw} (wrp)
ew_vRefSpD             1.500000 ;VFREAL [°/s] Geschwindigkeit bei der Referenzierung  {spd+epw} (wrp)
ew_vRefrSpD            0.700000 ;VFREAL [%] Relativgeschwindigkeit beim Zurückfahren beim Referenzierung  {spd+epw} (wrp)
ew_vHandSpD            3.000000 ;VFREAL [°/s] Geschwindigkeit bei der Handsteuerung  {spd+epw} (wrp)
ew_SpD_Refen                  0 ;VIWORD [#] Referenzierung über Encoder=0, sonst Endschalter  {spd+epw} (wrp)
ew_SpD_Reflr                  0 ;VIWORD [#] Referenzierung links=0, sonst rechts  {spd+epw} (wrp)
ew_pSpDMax            180.1000000000 ;VDREAL [°] SWG-Maximaler +Weg  {swg+spd} (wrp)
ew_pSpDMin             -0.1000000000 ;VDREAL [°] SWG-Maximaler -Weg  {swg+spd} (wrp)
ew_write_da           -0.200000 ;VFREAL [0.1V] Spannungsoutput bei binärem Servo  {spd+epw} (wrp)
ew_crtl_wai            0.100000 ;VFREAL [0.1V] Warten bis Bremse und Controller startklar sind  {spd+epw} (wrp)
ew_vSpDVec              1.0010000000 ;VDREAL [#] SWG-Geschw. Vector Vorhalt  {swg+spd} (wrp)
ew_vSpDOfs              0.0010000000 ;VDREAL [#] SWG-Geschw. Vector Offset  {swg+spd} (wrp)
ew_vSpDMax              3.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°/s] max. Geschwindigkeit  {spd+epw} (wrp)
ew_taSpDLim             1.0000000000 ;VDREAL [s] Beschleunigungsrbegr.  {spd+epw} (wrp)
ew_tjSpDRed             1.0000000000 ;VDREAL [s] Ruckreduzierung  {spd+epw} (wrp)
ew_aSpDMax              1.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°/s*s] SWG-Maximale BeEschleunigung = v_max/taLim  {spd+epw} (wrp)
rp_lSpDKP               4.0000000000 ;VDREAL [1/s] Regler:KP  {spd+epw} (wrp)
rp_lSpDKI               2.0000000000 ;VDREAL [1/s^2] Regler:KI  {spd+epw} (wrp)
rp_lSpDLIM              0.1000000000 ;VDREAL [°/s] Regler: I-Begrenzung  {spd+epw} (wrp)
rp_vSpDKP               2.0000000000 ;VDREAL [1] Regler:KP  {spd+epw} (wrp)
rp_vSpDKI               8.0000000000 ;VDREAL [1/s] Regler:KI  {spd+epw} (wrp)
rp_vSpDLIM            100.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°/s] Regler: I-Begrenzung  {spd+epw} (wrp)
ew_DeR_type                  10 ;VIWORD [0..5] Type 0:keinen, 1...4: (intern alles gleich)  {typ+der} (wrp)
ew_DeR_subid                  2 ;VIWORD [#] Die Tpl Sub-Id des Derotators  {typ+der} (wrp)
ew_DeR_EndPolarity            0 ;VIWORD [0,1] Polarität Endschalter 0:heisst 1-aktiv, 1: heisst 0-aktiv  {typ+der} (wrp)
ew_bDeR_type                  0 ;VIWORD [0,1,] Bremse: 0:ohne 1:mit einfacher 2:OpenCloseBremse  {typ+der} (wrp)
ew_bDeR_to             0.080000 ;VFREAL [0,1] Bremse: Zeit bis die Bremse offen ist  {der} (wrp)
ew_bDeR_pwm                  -1 ;VIDWRD [#] Bremse: Pwm-Bit-Muster  {der} (wrp)
sw_bDeR_modus                 0 ;VIDWRD [#] Bremse::Modus  {der+Der} (w)
ab_sm_DeR                     0 ;VIDWRD [#] state  {der} (w)
sw_DeR_modus                  0 ;VIDWRD [#] Modus  {der+Der} (w)
iw_statDeR             67141634 ;VIDWRD [0,1..] Status  {der+Der} (w)
sw_bDeR                       0 ;VIDWRD [0,1..] Modus Regler  {der+Der} (w)
sw_DeR_smodus                 0 ;VIDWRD [#] Spline modus   {der+biw} (w)
iw_DeR_sstatus             2049 ;VIDWRD [#] Spline status   {der+biw} (w)
iw_DeR_stimtra             1001 ;VIWORD [#] Spline Timetrace Indexoffset (<0, kein gültiger Wert)(-->(ew_tjDeRRed+ew_taDeRLim)>3.0)  {der+biw} (r)
sw_DeR_timtra         -52.8229173742 ;VDREAL [#] Spline Timetrace Wert für richtige Zeit  {der+biw} (r)
iw_DeR_spl_t            0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [#] Spline Koeffizient Zeit  {swg+der+biw} (r)
iw_DeR_spl_b            0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [#] Spline Koeffizient b_0  {swg+der+biw} (r)
fg_SwgDeR                     0 ;VIWORD [#] 0=Istwertübernahme in SWG, 1=Freigabe SWG  {swg+der} (w)
sw_pDeR               -52.8229173742 ;VDREAL [°] Zielposition in Lageregelung   {der+Der} (w)
sw_vDeR                 0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°/s] Sollgeschw. in Drehzahlregelung   {der+Der} (w)
sv_vDeR                 0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°/s] Geschw. Vorsteuerung Lageregelung    {der} (w)
iw_dDeR                       0 ;VIDWRD [#] InkrementalgeberÄnderung   {der+riw} (w)
iw_xDeR                -1809172 ;VIDWRD [#] Inkrementalgeber   {der+riw} (w)
dw_pDeR                 0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°] Labeabweichung   {der+riw} (w)
dw_vDeR                 0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°/s] Geschw.abweichung   {der+riw} (w)
dw_vbDeR                0.0003131718 ;VDREAL [°/s] begrenzte Geschw.abweichung   {der+riw} (w)
iw_pDeR               -52.8230468750 ;VDREAL [°] IstPosition   {der+Der} (w)
iw_vDeR                -0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°/s] IstDrehzahl (ungefiltert)  {der+riw} (w)
gw_vDeR                -0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°/s] IstDrehzahl (gefiltert)  {der+Der} (w)
iw_pelDeR            -382.0934570313 ;VDREAL [°] Endschalterposition l  {der+Der} (w)
iw_perDeR               0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°] Endschalterposition r  {der+Der} (w)
bw_lDeR               -52.8229173742 ;VDREAL [°] SplinePosition   {der+biw} (w)
bw_vDeR                 0.0042417336 ;VDREAL [°/s] SplineGeschwindigkeit   {der+biw} (w)
bw_tdSwgDeR             1.0000000000 ;VDREAL [s] SWG-bedingter Zeitverzug der Sollwerte  {swg+der} (w)
rr_pDeR               -52.8230468750 ;VDREAL [°] Führungsgröße für Lageregelung   {der+Der} (w)
lw_pDeR               -52.8229173742 ;VDREAL [°] Sollwert begrenz auf SW-Endlagen(SWG)  {swg+der} (w)
rr_vDeR                -0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°/s] Geschw. Vorsteuerung   {der+Der} (w)
lw_vDeR                 5.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°/s] Führungsgrößenbegrenzung   {der} (w)
lw_aDeR                 1.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°/s^2] Führungsgrößenbegrenzung   {swg+der} (w)
sl_vDeR                 0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°/s] Geschw. Stellgröße von Lageregelung   {der} (w)
sl_svDeR               -0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°/s] Geschw. Stellgröße von Lageregelung   {der} (w)
st_vDeR                 0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°/s] Geschw. Stellgröße zur HW (m/s)  {der} (w)
st_xDeR                 0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [V] Geschw. Stellgröße zur HW (V)   {der} (w)
ew_DeRCD               -1.0000000000 ;VDREAL [+-1] +/- 1: Achsen-Drehrichtung  {der+epw} (wrp)
ew_sDeR              10240.0000000000 ;VDREAL [#/°] Encoder-Auflösung   {der+epw} (wrp)
ew_vDeR                -0.0857000000 ;VDREAL [NE/°/s] Stellgrößen-Skalierung (1 NE=10V Output)  {der+epw} (wrp)
ew_svvDeR              -0.0857000000 ;VDREAL [NE/°/s] v-Stellgrößen-Skalierung (1 NE=10V Output)  {der+epw} (wrp)
ew_pdeltDeR            0.030000 ;VFREAL [°] Lagedifferenzbildung für STAT_No_Differenze  {der+epw} (wrp)
ew_vdeltDeR            0.002000 ;VFREAL [°/s] Geschwind.differenzbildung für STAT_is_moving  {der+epw} (wrp)
ew_DeR_toref         240.000000 ;VFREAL [s] Timeout Refernzierung  {der} (wrp)
ew_pstartDeR           0.000000 ;VFREAL [°] Start Sollwert  {der+epw} (wrp)
ew_pRefDeR           -229.5000000000 ;VDREAL [°] Referenzierungsoffset p nach dem Referenzieren  {der+epw} (wrp)
ew_vRefDeR             1.000000 ;VFREAL [°/s] Geschwindigkeit bei der Referenzierung  {der+epw} (wrp)
ew_vRefrDeR            0.200000 ;VFREAL [%] Relativgeschwindigkeit beim Zurückfahren beim Referenzierung  {der+epw} (wrp)
ew_vHandDeR            3.000000 ;VFREAL [°/s] Geschwindigkeit bei der Handsteuerung  {der+epw} (wrp)
ew_DeR_Refen                  1 ;VIWORD [#] Referenzierung über Encoder=0, sonst Endschalter  {der+epw} (wrp)
ew_DeR_Reflr                  0 ;VIWORD [#] Referenzierung links=0, sonst rechts  {der+epw} (wrp)
ew_pDeRMax            229.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°] SWG-Maximaler +Weg  {swg+der} (wrp)
ew_pDeRMin           -229.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°] SWG-Maximaler -Weg  {swg+der} (wrp)
ew_vDeRVec              1.0010000000 ;VDREAL [#] SWG-Geschw. Vector Vorhalt  {swg+der} (wrp)
ew_vDeROfs              0.0010000000 ;VDREAL [#] SWG-Geschw. Vector Offset  {swg+der} (wrp)
fp_tDeR                 0.0500000000 ;VDREAL [s] Glättungsfilter Drehzahl.  {der+epw} (wrp)
ew_vDeRMax              5.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°/s] max. Geschwindigkeit   {der+epw} (wrp)
ew_taDeRLim             1.0000000000 ;VDREAL [s] Beschleunigungsrbegr.  {der+epw} (wrp)
ew_tjDeRRed             1.0000000000 ;VDREAL [s] Ruckreduzierung   {der+epw} (wrp)
ew_aDeRMax              1.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°/s*s] SWG-Maximale BeEschleunigung  {swg+der} (wrp)
rp_lDeRKP              10.0000000000 ;VDREAL [1/s] Regler:KP   {der+epw} (wrp)
rp_lDeRKI               0.1000000000 ;VDREAL [1/s^2] Regler:KI   {der+epw} (wrp)
rp_lDeRLIM              0.1000000000 ;VDREAL [°/s] Regler: I-Begrenzung   {der+epw} (wrp)
rp_vDeRKP              13.0000000000 ;VDREAL [1] Regler:KP   {der+epw} (wrp)
rp_vDeRKI               5.0000000000 ;VDREAL [1/s] Regler:KI   {der+epw} (wrp)
rp_vDeRLIM              5.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°/s] Regler: I-Begrenzung   {der+epw} (wrp)
is_pHil                     128 ;VIWORD [#] Status Profibus Treiber  {hil} (w)
id_HilX1                      1 ;VIWORD [#] Hilscher-Karte Hersteller Datum Tag  {hil} (w)
id_HilX2                      3 ;VIWORD [#] Hilscher-Karte Hersteller Datum Monat  {hil} (w)
id_HilX3                   2004 ;VIWORD [#] Hilscher-Karte Hersteller Datum Jahr  {hil} (w)
id_HilX4                1070490 ;VIDWRD [#] Hilscher-Karte Geraetenummer  {hil} (w)
id_HilX5                   3188 ;VIDWRD [#] Hilscher-Karte Seriennummer  {hil} (w)
ew_tgrTmo                     1 ;VIWORD [s] Telegramm Timeout Einstellwert  {hil} (wrp)
iw_tgrTmoC                 4591 ;VIWORD [#] Telegramm Timeout Counter (monitoring)  {hil} (w)
ew_AzmElv_type                2 ;VIWORD [0,1] Azm und Elv Type 0:keinen, 1:Etel  {typ+azm+elv} (wrp)
pb_connected                  1 ;VIWORD [0,1] 0=kein, 1=Profibus verbunden  {hil+azm+elv} (w)
sw_pwr_Elv_Azm                0 ;VIWORD [#] Der Powerschütz des Etels  {elv+azm} (w)
et_vElvOfs              0.0100000000 ;VDREAL [°/s] Handoffset für Tpl  {ofs+elv} (wrp)
et_vAzmOfs              0.0100000000 ;VDREAL [°/s] Handoffset für Tpl  {ofs+azm} (wrp)
et_vDeROfs              0.1000000000 ;VDREAL [°/s] Handoffset für Tpl  {ofs+azm} (wrp)
et_vFokOfs              0.1000000000 ;VDREAL [mm/s] Handoffset für Tpl  {ofs+fok} (wrp)
ew_tmo_ready           60.0000000000 ;VDREAL [s] Timeout bis Etel RDY-sein muss  {elv+azm+sys} (wrp)
ew_Elv_EndPolarity            0 ;VIWORD [0,1] Polarität Endschalter 0:heisst 1-aktiv, 1: heisst 0-aktiv  {typ+elv+eLv} (wrp)
ew_bElv_type                  0 ;VIWORD [0,1,] Bremse: 0:ohne 1:mit einfacher 2:OpenCloseBremse  {typ+elv+eLv} (wrp)
ew_bElv_to             2.000000 ;VFREAL [0,1] Bremse: Zeit bis die Bremse offen ist  {elv+eLv} (wrp)
ew_bElv_pwm                  -1 ;VIDWRD [#] Bremse: Pwm-Bit-Muster  {elv+eLv} (wrp)
sw_bElv_modus                 0 ;VIDWRD [#] Bremse::Modus  {elv+eLv+Elv} (w)
ab_sm_Elv                     0 ;VIDWRD [#] state  {elv+eLv} (w)
sw_ElvModus                   0 ;VIDWRD [#] Modus  {elv+eLv+Elv} (w)
iw_ElvStatus           67141666 ;VIDWRD [0,1..] Status  {elv+eLv+Elv} (w)
sw_bElv                       0 ;VIDWRD [0,1..] Modus Regler  {elv+eLv+Elv} (w)
sw_Elv_smodus                 0 ;VIDWRD [#] Spline modus   {elv+eLv+biw} (w)
iw_Elv_sstatus             2049 ;VIDWRD [#] Spline status   {elv+eLv+biw} (w)
iw_Elv_stimtra              311 ;VIWORD [#] Spline Timetrace Indexoffset (<0, kein gültiger Wert)(-->(ew_tjElvRed+ew_taElvLim)>3.0)  {elv+eLv+biw} (r)
sw_Elv_timtra          37.4207915638 ;VDREAL [#] Spline Timetrace Wert für richtige Zeit  {elv+eLv+biw} (r)
iw_Elv_spl_t            0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [#] Spline Koeffizient Zeit  {elv+eLv+swg} (r)
iw_Elv_spl_b            0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [#] Spline Koeffizient b_0  {elv+eLv+swg} (r)
fg_SwgElv                     1 ;VIWORD [#] 0=Istwertübernahme in SWG, 1=Freigabe SWG  {elv+eLv+swg} (w)
sw_lElv                 0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°] Zielposition in Lageregelung   {elv+eLv+Elv} (w)
sw_vElv                 0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°/s] Sollgeschw. in Drehzahlregelung   {elv+eLv+Elv} (w)
sv_vElv                 0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°/s] Geschw. Vorsteuerung Lageregelung    {elv+eLv} (w)
iw_dElv                       0 ;VIDWRD [#] InkrementalgeberÄnderung   {elv+eLv+riw} (w)
iw_xElv                       0 ;VIDWRD [#] Inkrementalgeber   {elv+eLv+riw} (w)
dw_pElv                 0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°] Labeabweichung   {elv+eLv+riw} (w)
dw_vElv                 0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°/s] Geschw.abweichung   {elv+eLv+riw} (w)
dw_vbElv                0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°/s] begrenzte Geschw.abweichung   {elv+eLv+riw} (w)
elv_Pos                 0.0004492187 ;VDREAL [°] IstPosition   {elv+eLv+Elv} (w)
elv_Spd                -0.0093841553 ;VDREAL [°/s] IstGeschwindigkeit (ungefiltert)  {elv+eLv+riw} (w)
gw_vElv                -0.0093160599 ;VDREAL [°/s] IstGeschwindigkeit (gefiltert)  {elv+eLv+Elv} (w)
iw_pelElv               0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°] Endschalterposition l  {elv+riw} (w)
iw_perElv               0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°] Endschalterposition r  {elv+riw} (w)
bw_lElv                37.4207915638 ;VDREAL [°] SplinePosition   {elv+eLv+biw} (w)
bw_vElv                 0.0000107458 ;VDREAL [°/s] SplineGeschwindigkeit   {elv+eLv+biw} (w)
bw_tdSwgElv             0.3099999998 ;VDREAL [s] SWG-bedingter Zeitverzug der Sollwerte  {elv+eLv+swg} (w)
rr_pElv                 0.0004506571 ;VDREAL [°] Führungsgröße für Lageregelung   {elv+eLv+Elv} (w)
lw_pElv                 0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°] Sollwert begrenz auf SW-Endlagen(SWG)  {elv+eLv+swg} (w)
rr_vElv                -0.0091796379 ;VDREAL [°/s] Geschw. Vorsteuerung   {elv+eLv+Elv} (w)
lw_vElv                10.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°/s] Führungsgrößenbegrenzung   {elv+eLv} (w)
lw_aElv                 1.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°/s^2] Führungsgrößenbegrenzung   {elv+eLv+swg} (w)
sl_vElv                 0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°/s] Geschw. Stellgröße von Lageregelung   {elv+eLv} (w)
sl_svElv                0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°/s] Geschw. Stellgröße von Lageregelung   {elv+eLv} (w)
st_vElv                 0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°/s] Geschw. Stellgröße zur HW (m/s)  {elv+eLv} (w)
st_xElv                 0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [V] Geschw. Stellgröße zur HW (V)   {elv+eLv+Elv} (w)
ew_ElvCD                1.0000000000 ;VDREAL [+-1] +/- 1: Achsen-Drehrichtung  {elv+eLv+biw} (wrp)
ew_sElv              5000.0000000000 ;VDREAL [#/°] Encoder-Skalierung   {elv+eLv+epw} (wrp)
ew_vElv                 1.0000000000 ;VDREAL [NE/°/s] Stellgrößen-Skalierung (1 NE=10V Output)  {elv+eLv+epw} (wrp)
ew_svvElv               0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [NE/°/s] v-Stellgrößen-Skalierung (1 NE=10V Output)  {elv+eLv+epw} (wrp)
ew_pdeltElv            0.030000 ;VFREAL [°] Lagedifferenzbildung für STAT_No_Differenze  {elv+eLv+epw} (wrp)
ew_vdeltElv            0.020000 ;VFREAL [°/s] Geschwind.differenzbildung für STAT_is_moving  {elv+eLv+epw} (wrp)
ew_Elv_toref         400.000000 ;VFREAL [s] Timeout Referenzierung  {elv+eLv} (wrp)
ew_pstartElv           0.000000 ;VFREAL [°] Start Sollwert  {elv+eLv+epw} (wrp)
ew_ElvOO              -45.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°] Referenzierungsoffset p nach dem Referenzieren  {elv+eLv+epw} (wrp)
iw_ElvOOX               0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°] Referenzierungsoffset p falls Refmark von Etel auf der falschen Seite  {elv+eLv+epw} (w)
ew_vRefElv             1.000000 ;VFREAL [°/s] Geschwindigkeit bei der Referenzierung  {elv+eLv+epw} (wrp)
ew_vRefrElv            0.200000 ;VFREAL [%] Relativgeschwindigkeit beim Zurückfahren beim Referenzierung  {elv+eLv+epw} (wrp)
ew_ElvIS               2.000000 ;VFREAL [°/s] Geschwindigkeit bei der Handsteuerung  {elv+eLv+epw} (wrp)
ew_ElvIA               1.000000 ;VFREAL [°/s^2] Inching Full Speed Acceleration  {elv+eLv} (wrp)
ew_Elv_Refen                  0 ;VIWORD [#] Referenzierung über Encoder=0, sonst Endschalter  {elv+eLv+epw} (wrp)
ew_Elv_Reflr                  0 ;VIWORD [#] Referenzierung links=0, sonst rechts  {elv+eLv+epw} (wrp)
ew_pElvMax             89.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°] SWG-Maximaler +Weg  {elv+eLv+swg} (wrp)
ew_pElvMin             -1.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°] SWG-Maximaler -Weg  {elv+eLv+swg} (wrp)
ew_tElvEncoder                1 ;VIWORD [#] Ist der Encoder normal (1) oder Multiindex (2)  {elv+aZm+epw} (wrp)
ew_vElvVec              1.0010000000 ;VDREAL [#] SWG-Geschw. Vector Vorhalt  {elv+eLv+swg} (wrp)
ew_vElvOfs              0.0010000000 ;VDREAL [#] SWG-Geschw. Vector Offset  {elv+eLv+swg} (wrp)
fp_tElv                 0.0050000000 ;VDREAL [s] Glättungsfilter Drehzahl.  {elv+eLv+epw} (wrp)
ew_vElvMax             10.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°/s] max. Geschwindigkeit   {elv+eLv+epw} (wrp)
ew_aElvMax              1.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°/s*s] SWG-Maximale BeEschleunigung  {elv+eLv+swg} (wrp)
ew_taElvLim             0.4000000000 ;VDREAL [s] Beschleunigungsrbegr.  {elv+eLv+epw} (wrp)
ew_tjElvRed             0.2000000000 ;VDREAL [s] Ruckreduzierung   {elv+eLv+epw} (wrp)
rp_lElvKP               1.0000000000 ;VDREAL [1/s] Regler:KP   {elv+eLv+epw} (wrp)
rp_lElvKI               0.0050000000 ;VDREAL [1/s^2] Regler:KI   {elv+eLv+epw} (wrp)
rp_lElvLIM              0.1000000000 ;VDREAL [°/s] Regler: I-Begrenzung   {elv+eLv+epw} (wrp)
rp_vElvKP               1.0000000000 ;VDREAL [1] Regler:KP   {elv+eLv+epw} (wrp)
rp_vElvKI               1.0000000000 ;VDREAL [1/s] Regler:KI   {elv+eLv+epw} (wrp)
rp_vElvLIM              5.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°/s] Regler: I-Begrenzung   {elv+eLv+epw} (wrp)
is_pElv                       6 ;VIWORD [0..] Status Etel  {elv+ELV} (w)
iw_pElv                       1 ;VIWORD [0..] Istphase Etel  {elv+ELV} (w)
sw_pElv                       1 ;VIWORD [0..] Sollphase Etel  {elv+ELV} (w)
elv_cw0                    1024 ;VIWORD [#] Control Word CW0 Etel (monitoring)  {elv+ELV} (w)
elv_cw1                       0 ;VIWORD [#] Control Word CW1 Etel (monitoring)  {elv+ELV} (w)
elv_sv1                       0 ;VIDWRD [#] SetVar1 Etel (monitoring)  {elv+ELV} (w)
elv_sv2                       0 ;VIDWRD [#] SetVar2 Etel (monitoring)  {elv+ELV} (w)
elv_sv3                       0 ;VIDWRD [#] SetVar3 Etel (monitoring)  {elv+ELV} (w)
elv_sw0                   15296 ;VIWORD [#] Status Word SW0 Etel (monitoring)  {elv+ELV} (w)
elv_sw1                   12288 ;VIWORD [#] Status Word SW1 Etel (monitoring)  {elv+ELV} (w)
elv_mv1               -18431818 ;VIDWRD [#] MonVar1 Etel (monitoring)  {elv+ELV} (w)
elv_mv2                    -164 ;VIDWRD [#] MonVar2 Etel (monitoring)  {elv+ELV} (w)
elv_mv3                 8650766 ;VIDWRD [#] MonVar3 Etel (monitoring)  {elv+ELV} (w)
elv_HMode                    10 ;VIWORD [0..27] Homing Modus  {elv+ELV} (w)
elv_HSpd                2.0000267029 ;VDREAL [°/s] Homing Geschwindigkeit  {elv+ELV} (w)
elv_EPIF              147456000 ;VIDWRD [1/U] Encoder Position Increments Faktor  {elv+ELV} (w)
elv_EPER                  18000 ;VIDWRD [nm] Encoder Periode  {elv+ELV} (w)
elv_EIPF                      8 ;VIWORD [1..8192] Encoder Interpolations Faktor  {elv+ELV} (w)
elv_SPCF                      1 ;VIWORD [1..256] User Set Point Calculation Faktor  {elv+ELV} (w)
elv_ERES                0.0087890625 ;VDREAL [arcsec] Theoretische Aufloesung des Encoders  {elv+ELV} (w)
elv_STI               166.6666666667 ;VDREAL [us] Slow Time Interrupt Zykluszeit [us]  {elv+ELV} (w)
elv_upi1             409600.0000000000 ;VDREAL [1/°] berechneter Konversionsfaktor [°]->[upi]  {elv+ELV} (w)
elv_usi1             17476.2666666667 ;VDREAL [s/°] berechneter Konversionsfaktor [°/s]->[usi]  {elv+ELV} (w)
elv_uai1              745.6540444444 ;VDREAL [s^2/°] berechneter Konversionsfaktor [°/s^2]->[uai]  {elv+ELV} (w)
elv_ErrCode                 190 ;VIWORD [#] Inhalt Fault Fehler-Register (M64) (-1: unknown)  {elv+ELV} (w)
elv_AlmCode                   3 ;VIWORD [#] Inhalt Alarm Fehler-Register (M66) (-1: unknown)  {elv+ELV} (w)
elv_NODE                      2 ;VIWORD [#] Slave Adresse des Profibus Interfaces  {elv+ELV} (w)
elv_VER                18186240 ;VIDWRD [#] ETEL Firmware Version (M72)  {elv+ELV} (w)
elv_SER                14665061 ;VIDWRD [#] ETEL Seriennummer Version (M73)  {elv+ELV} (w)
elv_PMon                0.0060000000 ;VDREAL [s] aktuelle Zyklusdauer Lageregelung (monitoring)  {elv+ELV} (w)
elv_RTyp                      0 ;VIWORD [0,1] Typ des zu lesenden Registers (K=0,M=1)  {elv+ELV} (w)
elv_RNmb                      0 ;VIWORD [0...] Nummer des zu lesenden Registers (depth=0)  {elv+ELV} (w)
elv_RReg                      0 ;VIWORD [0...] Semaphore für's lesen von RNmb, wenn RNmb != RReg dann neu lesen  {elv+ELV} (w)
elv_RLev                      0 ;VIWORD [0...] Register-Ebene  (depth)  {elv+ELV} (w)
elv_RVal                      0 ;VIDWRD [#] Inhalt des Registers (-2147483647: ungueltig)  {elv+ELV} (w)
ew_Azm_EndPolarity            0 ;VIWORD [0,1] Polarität Endschalter 0:heisst 1-aktiv, 1: heisst 0-aktiv  {typ+azm+aZm} (wrp)
ew_bAzm_type                  1 ;VIWORD [0,1,] Bremse: 0:ohne 1:mit einfacher 2:OpenCloseBremse  {typ+azm+aZm} (wrp)
ew_bAzm_to             1.400000 ;VFREAL [0,1] Bremse: Zeit bis die Bremse offen ist  {azm+aZm} (wrp)
ew_bAzm_pwm                  -1 ;VIDWRD [#] Bremse: Pwm-Bit-Muster  {azm+aZm} (wrp)
sw_bAzm_modus                 0 ;VIDWRD [#] Bremse::Modus  {azm+aZm+Azm} (w)
ab_sm_Azm                     0 ;VIDWRD [#] state  {azm+aZm} (w)
sw_AzmModus                   0 ;VIDWRD [#] Modus  {azm+aZm+Azm} (w)
iw_AzmStatus           67141666 ;VIDWRD [0,1..] Status  {azm+aZm+Azm} (w)
sw_bAzm                       0 ;VIDWRD [0,1..] Modus Regler  {azm+aZm+Azm} (w)
sw_Azm_smodus                 0 ;VIDWRD [#] Spline modus   {azm+aZm+biw} (w)
iw_Azm_sstatus             2049 ;VIDWRD [#] Spline status   {azm+aZm+biw} (w)
iw_Azm_stimtra              311 ;VIWORD [#] Spline Timetrace Indexoffset (<0, kein gültiger Wert)(-->(ew_tjAzmRed+ew_taAzmLim)>3.0)  {azm+aZm+biw} (r)
sw_Azm_timtra         182.4729988980 ;VDREAL [#] Spline Timetrace Wert für richtige Zeit  {azm+aZm+biw} (r)
iw_Azm_spl_t            0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [#] Spline Koeffizient Zeit  {azm+aZm+biw} (r)
iw_Azm_spl_b            0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [#] Spline Koeffizient b_0  {azm+aZm+biw} (r)
fg_SwgAzm                     1 ;VIWORD [#] 0=Istwertübernahme in SWG, 1=Freigabe SWG  {azm+aZm+swg} (w)
sw_lAzm                40.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°] Zielposition in Lageregelung   {azm+aZm+Azm} (w)
sw_vAzm                 0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°/s] Sollgeschw. in Drehzahlregelung   {azm+aZm+Azm} (w)
sv_vAzm                 0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°/s] Geschw. Vorsteuerung Lageregelung    {azm+aZm} (w)
iw_dAzm                       0 ;VIDWRD [#] InkrementalgeberÄnderung   {azm+aZm+riw} (w)
iw_xAzm                       0 ;VIDWRD [#] Inkrementalgeber   {azm+aZm+riw} (w)
dw_pAzm                 0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°] Lageabweichung   {azm+aZm+riw} (w)
dw_vAzm                 0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°/s] Geschw.abweichung   {azm+aZm+riw} (w)
dw_vbAzm                0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°/s] begrenzte Geschw.abweichung   {azm+aZm+riw} (w)
azm_Pos                40.0022192383 ;VDREAL [°] IstPosition   {azm+aZm+Azm} (w)
azm_Spd                -0.0114440918 ;VDREAL [°/s] IstGeschwindigkeit (ungefiltert)  {azm+aZm+riw} (w)
gw_vAzm                -0.0117615298 ;VDREAL [°/s] IstGeschwindigkeit (gefiltert)  {azm+aZm+Azm} (w)
iw_pelAzm               0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°] Endschalterposition l  {azm+riw} (w)
iw_perAzm               0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°] Endschalterposition r  {azm+riw} (w)
bw_lAzm               182.4729988980 ;VDREAL [°] SplinePosition   {azm+aZm+biw} (w)
bw_vAzm                 0.0066878265 ;VDREAL [°/s] SplineGeschwindigkeit   {azm+aZm+biw} (w)
bw_tdSwgAzm             0.3099999998 ;VDREAL [s] SWG-bedingter Zeitverzug der Sollwerte  {azm+aZm+swg} (w)
rr_pAzm                40.0022215087 ;VDREAL [°] Führungsgröße für Lageregelung   {azm+aZm+Azm} (w)
lw_pAzm                40.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°] Sollwert begrenz auf SW-Endlagen(SWG)  {azm+aZm+swg} (w)
rr_vAzm                -0.0114303331 ;VDREAL [°/s] Geschw. Vorsteuerung   {azm+aZm+Azm} (w)
lw_vAzm                10.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°/s] Führungsgrößenbegrenzung   {azm+aZm} (w)
lw_aAzm                 1.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°/s^2] Führungsgrößenbegrenzung   {azm+aZm+swg} (w)
sl_vAzm                 0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°/s] Geschw. Stellgröße von Lageregelung   {azm+aZm} (w)
sl_svAzm                0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°/s] Geschw. Stellgröße von Lageregelung   {azm+aZm} (w)
st_vAzm                 0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°/s] Geschw. Stellgröße zur HW (m/s)  {azm+aZm} (w)
st_xAzm                 0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [V] Geschw. Stellgröße zur HW (V)   {azm+aZm+Azm} (w)
ew_AzmCD                1.0000000000 ;VDREAL [+-1] +/- 1: Achsen-Drehrichtung  {azm+aZm+biw} (wrp)
ew_sAzm              5000.0000000000 ;VDREAL [#/°] Encoder-Skalierung   {azm+aZm+epw} (wrp)
ew_vAzm                 1.0000000000 ;VDREAL [NE/°/s] Stellgrößen-Skalierung (1 NE=10V Output)  {azm+aZm+epw} (wrp)
ew_svvAzm               0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [NE/°/s] v-Stellgrößen-Skalierung (1 NE=10V Output)  {azm+aZm+epw} (wrp)
ew_pdeltAzm            0.030000 ;VFREAL [°] Lagedifferenzbildung für STAT_No_Differenze  {azm+aZm+epw} (wrp)
ew_vdeltAzm            0.020000 ;VFREAL [°/s] Geschwind.differenzbildung für STAT_is_moving  {azm+aZm+epw} (wrp)
ew_Azm_toref         400.000000 ;VFREAL [s] Timeout Refernzierung  {azm+aZm} (wrp)
ew_pstartAzm           0.000000 ;VFREAL [°] Start Sollwert  {azm+aZm+epw} (wrp)
ew_AzmOO             -158.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°] Referenzierungsoffset p nach dem Referenzieren  {azm+aZm+epw} (wrp)
iw_AzmOOX               0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°] Referenzierungsoffset p falls Refmark von Etel auf der falschen Seite  {azm+aZm+epw} (w)
ew_vRefAzm             1.000000 ;VFREAL [°/s] Geschwindigkeit bei der Referenzierung  {azm+aZm+epw} (wrp)
ew_vRefrAzm            0.500000 ;VFREAL [%] Relativgeschwindigkeit beim Zurückfahren beim Referenzierung  {azm+aZm+epw} (wrp)
ew_AzmIS               2.000000 ;VFREAL [°/s] Geschwindigkeit bei der Handsteuerung  {azm+aZm+epw} (wrp)
ew_AzmIA               1.000000 ;VFREAL [°/s^2] Inching Full Speed Acceleration  {azm+aZm} (wrp)
ew_Azm_Refen                  0 ;VIWORD [#] Referenzierung über Encoder=0, sonst Endschalter  {azm+aZm+epw} (wrp)
ew_Azm_Reflr                  0 ;VIWORD [#] Referenzierung links=0, sonst rechts  {azm+aZm+epw} (wrp)
ew_pAzmMax            443.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°] SWG-Maximaler +Weg  {azm+aZm+swg} (wrp)
ew_pAzmMin            -83.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°] SWG-Maximaler -Weg  {azm+aZm+swg} (wrp)
ew_tAzmEncoder                1 ;VIWORD [#] Ist der Encoder normal (1) oder Multiindex (2)  {azm+aZm+epw} (wrp)
ew_vAzmVec              1.0010000000 ;VDREAL [#] SWG-Geschw. Vector Vorhalt  {azm+aZm+swg} (wrp)
ew_vAzmOfs              0.0010000000 ;VDREAL [#] SWG-Geschw. Vector Offset  {azm+aZm+swg} (wrp)
fp_tAzm                 0.0050000000 ;VDREAL [s] Glättungsfilter Drehzahl.  {azm+aZm+epw} (wrp)
ew_vAzmMax             10.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°/s] max. Geschwindigkeit   {azm+aZm+epw} (wrp)
ew_aAzmMax              1.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°/s*s] SWG-Maximale BeEschleunigung  {azm+aZm+swg} (wrp)
ew_taAzmLim             0.4000000000 ;VDREAL [s] Beschleunigungsrbegr.  {azm+aZm+epw} (wrp)
ew_tjAzmRed             0.2000000000 ;VDREAL [s] Ruckreduzierung   {azm+aZm+epw} (wrp)
rp_lAzmKP               1.0000000000 ;VDREAL [1/s] Regler:KP   {azm+aZm+epw} (wrp)
rp_lAzmKI               0.0050000000 ;VDREAL [1/s^2] Regler:KI   {azm+aZm+epw} (wrp)
rp_lAzmLIM              0.1000000000 ;VDREAL [°/s] Regler: I-Begrenzung   {azm+aZm+epw} (wrp)
rp_vAzmKP               1.0000000000 ;VDREAL [1] Regler:KP   {azm+aZm+epw} (wrp)
rp_vAzmKI               1.0000000000 ;VDREAL [1/s] Regler:KI   {azm+aZm+epw} (wrp)
rp_vAzmLIM              5.0000000000 ;VDREAL [°/s] Regler: I-Begrenzung   {azm+aZm+epw} (wrp)
is_pAzm                       6 ;VIWORD [0..] Status Etel  {azm+AZM} (w)
iw_pAzm                       1 ;VIWORD [0..] Istphase Etel  {azm+AZM} (w)
sw_pAzm                       1 ;VIWORD [0..] Sollphase Etel  {azm+AZM} (w)
azm_cw0                    1024 ;VIWORD [#] Control Word CW0 Etel (monitoring)  {azm+AZM} (w)
azm_cw1                       0 ;VIWORD [#] Control Word CW1 Etel (monitoring)  {azm+AZM} (w)
azm_sv1                       0 ;VIDWRD [#] SetVar1 Etel (monitoring)  {azm+AZM} (w)
azm_sv2                       0 ;VIDWRD [#] SetVar2 Etel (monitoring)  {azm+AZM} (w)
azm_sv3                       0 ;VIDWRD [#] SetVar3 Etel (monitoring)  {azm+AZM} (w)
azm_sw0                   15296 ;VIWORD [#] Status Word SW0 Etel (monitoring)  {azm+AZM} (w)
azm_sw1                   12288 ;VIWORD [#] Status Word SW1 Etel (monitoring)  {azm+AZM} (w)
azm_mv1               -48331889 ;VIDWRD [#] MonVar1 Etel (monitoring)  {azm+AZM} (w)
azm_mv2                    -196 ;VIDWRD [#] MonVar2 Etel (monitoring)  {azm+AZM} (w)
azm_mv3                 8650766 ;VIDWRD [#] MonVar3 Etel (monitoring)  {azm+AZM} (w)
azm_HMode                    10 ;VIWORD [0..27] Homing Modus (monitoring)  {azm+AZM} (w)
azm_HSpd                2.0000267029 ;VDREAL [°/s] Homing Geschwindigkeit  {azm+AZM} (w)
azm_EPIF              147456000 ;VIDWRD [1/U] Encoder Position Increments Faktor  {azm+AZM} (w)
azm_EPER                  18000 ;VIDWRD [nm] Encoder Periode  {azm+AZM} (w)
azm_EIPF                      8 ;VIWORD [1..8192] Encoder Interpolations Faktor  {azm+AZM} (w)
azm_SPCF                      1 ;VIWORD [1..256] User Set Point Calculation Faktor  {azm+AZM} (w)
azm_ERES                0.0087890625 ;VDREAL [arcsec] Theoretische Aufloesung des Encoders  {azm+AZM} (w)
azm_STI               166.6666666667 ;VDREAL [us] Slow Time Interrupt Zykluszeit [us]  {azm+AZM} (w)
azm_upi1             409600.0000000000 ;VDREAL [1/°] Konversionsfaktor [°]->[upi]  {azm+AZM} (w)
azm_usi1             17476.2666666667 ;VDREAL [s/°] Konversionsfaktor [°/s]->[usi]  {azm+AZM} (w)
azm_uai1              745.6540444444 ;VDREAL [s^2/°] Konversionsfaktor [°/s^2]->[uai]  {azm+AZM} (w)
azm_ErrCode                  85 ;VIWORD [#] Inhalt Fault Fehler-Register (M64) (-1: unknown)  {azm+AZM} (w)
azm_AlmCode                   3 ;VIWORD [#] Inhalt Alarm Fehler-Register (M66) (-1: unknown)  {azm+AZM} (w)
azm_NODE                      3 ;VIWORD [#] Slave Adresse des Profibus Interfaces  {azm+AZM} (w)
azm_VER                18186240 ;VIDWRD [#] ETEL Firmware Version (M72)  {azm+AZM} (w)
azm_SER                15782670 ;VIDWRD [#] ETEL Seriennummer Version (M73)  {azm+AZM} (w)
azm_PMon                0.0060000000 ;VDREAL [s] aktuelle Zyklusdauer Lageregelung  {azm+AZM} (w)
azm_RTyp                      0 ;VIWORD [0,1] Typ des zu lesenden Registers (K=0,M=1)  {azm+AZM} (w)
azm_RNmb                      0 ;VIWORD [0...] Nummer des zu lesenden Registers (depth=0)  {azm+AZM} (w)
azm_RReg                      0 ;VIWORD [0...] Semaphore für's lesen von RNmb, wenn RNmb != RReg dann neu lesen  {azm+AZM} (w)
azm_RLev                      0 ;VIWORD [0...] Register-Ebene  (depth)  {azm+AZM} (w)
azm_RVal                      0 ;VIDWRD [#] Inhalt des Registers (-2147483647: ungueltig)  {azm+AZM} (w)
ew_Gps_type                   1 ;VIWORD [#] Gps Type 1:HopfUhr >1: mit Höhe  {typ+gps+tim} (wrp)
ew_Clock_type                 1 ;VIWORD [#] Uhr Type (z.Z nicht benutzt)  {typ+gps+tim} (wrp)
ew_tExtPls              1.0000000000 ;VDREAL [s] Periodendauer Sync-Impuls  {gps+tim} (w)
ew_tExtPlsHi            0.2000000000 ;VDREAL [s] Pulslaenge Sync-Impuls (high aktiv)  {gps+pls+tim} (w)
ew_pExtRxTo             5.0000000000 ;VDREAL [s] Timeout für UART Telegramm-Empfang  {gps+tim} (wrp)
ew_pExtGPSTO         10000.0000000000 ;VDREAL [s] Timeout für Einrasten, bis GPS synchronisiert ist  {gps+tim} (wrp)
iw_tExtX1                  2009 ;VIWORD [#] Zeit externe Uhr: Jahre seit 0  {gps+tim} (w)
iw_tExtX2            12740757.0000000000 ;VDREAL [s] Zeit externe Uhr: Sekunden seit Jahresbeginn  {gps+tim} (w)
is_pExtTim                    3 ;VIDWRD [#] Status externe Uhr  {gps+tim} (w)
iw_pExtTim                    6 ;VIDWRD [0..] Istphase externe Uhr  {gps+tim} (w)
sw_pExtTim                    6 ;VIDWRD [0..] Sollphase externe Uhr  {gps+tim} (w)
iw_tExtLong           13.101666 ;VFREAL [°] Position Längengrad: -180...+180 (-:östlich,+:westlich)  {gps+tim} (w)
iw_tExtLat            52.404835 ;VFREAL [°] Pos. Breitengrad: -90..+90 (-:südlich,+:nördlich)  {gps+tim} (w)
iw_tExtHeight          0.000000 ;VFREAL [m] Geographische Höhe m über NN  {gps+tim} (w)
is_tExtPos                    1 ;VIWORD [0,1] Positionswerte gueltig (=1), sonst 0  {gps+tim} (w)
is_sync                       1 ;VIWORD [0,1] Zeit u. Puls sind GPS-synchron (=1), sonst 0  {gps+tim} (w)
is_tExtLS                     0 ;VIWORD [s] aufgelaufene Schaltsekunden seit Systemstart  {gps+tim} (w)
iw_tExtLChk          12740758.0000000000 ;VDREAL [#] Schaltsekunden:  {gps+tim} (w)
iw_tExtLOO              0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [s] Schaltsekunden:  {gps+tim} (w)
iw_tPassedTSOO          0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [s] Schaltsekunden:  {gps+tim} (w)
id_HopfX1                    13 ;VIWORD [#] Firmware Rev. externe Uhr  {gps} (w)
id_HopfX2                     0 ;VIWORD [#] noch: Firmware Rev. externe Uhr  {gps} (w)
id_HopfX3                    29 ;VIWORD [#] Firmware Datum Tag externe Uhr  {gps} (w)
id_HopfX4                     1 ;VIWORD [#] Firmware Datum Monat externe Uhr  {gps} (w)
id_HopfX5                     4 ;VIWORD [#] Firmware Datum Jahr externe Uhr  {gps} (w)
id_HopfX6                  6870 ;VIWORD [#] Devicetyp externe Uhr  {gps} (w)
is_pPls                       1 ;VIDWRD [#] Status des Pulsmessers  {pls+tim} (w)
is_pPlsQQ                    -1 ;VIWORD [#] FF-Ausgang des Pulsmessers  {pls+tim} (w)
iw_pPls                       6 ;VIDWRD [0..] Istphase Pulsmesser  {pls+tim} (w)
sw_pPls                       6 ;VIDWRD [0..] Sollphase Pulsmesser  {pls+tim} (w)
iw_tTimSS            11703.0000000000 ;VDREAL [s] Sollwert Pulszeit  {pls+tim} (w)
iw_tTimTT            11707.1440019263 ;VDREAL [s] hochgezaehlte ms  {pls+tim} (w)
iw_tTimTTO              4.1150000000 ;VDREAL [s] Offset hochgezaehlte ms  {pls+tim} (w)
bw_tTimKK               0.6514464365 ;VDREAL [s] Stellgröße des Uhrzeitreglers  {pls+tim} (w)
bw_tTimRR            11703.9804512527 ;VDREAL [s] geregelte Uhrzeit:  {pls+tim} (w)
dw_tTim                 0.0005485138 ;VDREAL [s] Regelabweichung gesynchte Uhrzeit zu geregelter Zeit  {pls+tim} (w)
bw_tTaCC                1.0000557104 ;VDREAL [s/s] Korrekturfaktor fuer Abtastzeit ta  {pls+tes+tim} (w)
fp_tTimKK               0.9900000000 ;VDREAL [s] Historienfilter Zeit  {pls+tim} (wrp)
st_tTimSS               0.6514769855 ;VDREAL [s] Ausgang Zeitregler  {pls+tim} (w)
rp_tTimKI               0.0500000000 ;VDREAL [1/s] Integrationskonstante fuer Integrator  {pls+tim} (wrp)
rp_tTimKP               0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [#] Integrator P-Anteil  {pls+tim} (wrp)
ew_tDiffMax             0.5000000000 ;VDREAL [s] max. erlaubte Differenzzeit (Soll-Ist)  {pls+tim} (wrp)
ew_tDeltaCCMin         30.0000000000 ;VDREAL [s] min. Zykluszeit fuer Bildung des ta Korrekturwertes  {pls+tim} (wrp)
iw_t_abtast             0.0010000000 ;VDREAL [s] Abtastzeit des Realtimekernels  {pls+tim} (r)
ew_tofset              0.000000 ;VFREAL [us] Manuelle Zusatzkorrektur von der geregelten Uhrzeit in [us]  {pls+tim} (wrp)
ew_pUartTTO             0.1000000000 ;VDREAL [s] Timeout fuer gesendete Zeichen  {gps} (wrp)
ew_pUartRXT             5.0000000000 ;VDREAL [s] Timeout fuer Antworttelegramm  {gps} (wrp)
ew_pUartRXCT            0.1000000000 ;VDREAL [s] Timeout fuer empfangenes Zeichen  {gps} (wrp)
is_pUart                      5 ;VIDWRD [#] UART status byte  {gps} (w)
sw_pUart                      0 ;VIDWRD [0..] UART Auftragsanforderung  {gps} (w)
is_pSysTim                    1 ;VIDWRD [0...] Status der Systemuhr  {tes+scl+tim} (w)
iw_pSysTim                    6 ;VIDWRD [0..] Istphase Systemuhr  {tes+scl+tim} (w)
sw_pSysTim                    6 ;VIDWRD [0..] Sollphase Systemuhr  {tes+scl+tim} (w)
time_diff                     0 ;VIWORD [s] Zeitdifferenz LT-GMT  {tes+scl+tim} (w)
iw_tSysX1                  2009 ;VIWORD [#] Zeit Systemuhr: Jahre seit 0  {tes+scl+tim} (w)
iw_tSysX2            12740761.0000000000 ;VDREAL [s] Zeit Systemuhr: Sek. seit Jahresbeginn  {tes+scl+tim} (w)
is_pTim                     289 ;VIDWRD [0...] Status der Softwareuhr  {tes+tim} (w)
iw_pTim                       6 ;VIDWRD [0..] Istphase Softwareuhr  {tes+tim} (w)
sw_pTim                       6 ;VIDWRD [0..] Sollphase Softwareuhr  {tes+tim} (w)
iw_tTimOO            12729056.0039628223 ;VDREAL [s] Uhrzeit Offset auf geregelte Zeit  {tes+tim} (w)
bw_tTim              12740762.5844823290 ;VDREAL [s] Ausgang Zeit der Software-Uhr  {tes+tim} (w)
iw_tTimYY                  2009 ;VIWORD [#] Jahr des Session-Startes  {tes+tim} (w)
zw_tTimX1                     0 ;VIWORD [#] Zwischenwert: Jahre seit X (X=0 oder X=1970 (POSIX)) ??  {tes+tim} (w)
zw_tTimX2            12729149.0000000000 ;VDREAL [s] Zwischenwert: Sekunden seit Jahresbeginn   {tes+tim} (w)
qq_timeBase                   3 ;VIWORD [0..] 0:OFF, 1:TA, 2:CTA, 3:IMP  {tes+tim} (w)
sw_tSysX1                  2009 ;VIWORD [#] Sollwert Jahreszahl zum Stellen der Systemuhr   {tes+scl+tim} (w)
sw_tSysX2            12739949.000000 ;VFREAL [s] Sollwert Uhrzeit zum Stellen der Systemuhr  {tes+scl+tim} (w)
ss_sSysTim                    0 ;VIWORD [0..] Semaphor zwischen TES und SysClk  {tes+scl+tim} (w)
iw_tTimTPLOO           -0.6000000000 ;VDREAL [s] Offset für Softwarezeit von Tpl aus (UT1-UTC)  {tes+tim} (w)
iw_tTimTPLTAI          32.0000000000 ;VDREAL [s] Offset für Softwarezeit von Tpl aus (TAI-UTC)  {tes+tim} (w)
iw_tYYOO             1230768000.0000000000 ;VDREAL [s] POSIX Sekundenoffset bis zum Startup-Jahr (von Rtm gesetzt)  {tes+tim} (w)
ee_qRes                       0 ;VIWORD [0,1] Fehler/Quitierung-Reset Impuls fue alles  {err+fnc} (w)
ee_xRes                       0 ;VIWORD [0,1] FehlerReset Alle  {err+fnc} (w)
ee_xAck                       0 ;VIWORD [0,1] Ackowledge FehlerReset  {err} (r)
ee_nRes                       0 ;VIWORD [1..] FehlerReset Nummer  {err+fnc} (w)
ee_nAck                       0 ;VIWORD [1..] Ackowledge FehlerReset Nummer  {err} (r)
ee_pnk                        0 ;VIWORD [1..] Fehlersystem PANIK  !  {err} (r)
ee_stp                        0 ;VIWORD [1..] Fehlersystem STOP  !  {err} (r)
ee_wrn                        1 ;VIWORD [1..] Fehlersystem WARNUNG !  {err} (r)
ee_xSts00                  4096 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits  0..15  {err} (w)
ee_xSts01                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits 16..31   {err} (w)
ee_xSts02                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits 32..47  {err} (w)
ee_xSts03                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits 48..63  {err} (w)
ee_xSts04                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits 64..  {err} (w)
ee_xSts05                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits    {err} (w)
ee_xSts06                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits   {err} (w)
ee_xSts07                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits   {err} (w)
ee_xSts08                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits   {err} (w)
ee_xSts09                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits   {err} (w)
ee_xSts10                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits   {err} (w)
ee_xSts11                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits   {err} (w)
ee_xSts12                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits   {err} (w)
ee_xSts13                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits   {err} (w)
ee_xSts14                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits   {err} (w)
ee_xSts15                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits   {err} (w)
ee_xSig00                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits  {err} (w)
ee_xSig01                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits  {err} (w)
ee_xSig02                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits  {err} (w)
ee_xSig03                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits  {err} (w)
ee_xSig04                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits  {err} (w)
ee_xSig05                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits  {err} (w)
ee_xSig06                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits  {err} (w)
ee_xSig07                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits  {err} (w)
ee_xSig08                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits  {err} (w)
ee_xSig09                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits  {err} (w)
ee_xSig10                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits  {err} (w)
ee_xSig11                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits  {err} (w)
ee_xSig12                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits  {err} (w)
ee_xSig13                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits  {err} (w)
ee_xSig14                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits  {err} (w)
ee_xSig15                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits  {err} (w)
ee_xMem00                  4096 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits zum Merken  {err} (w)
ee_xMem01                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits  {err} (w)
ee_xMem02                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits  {err} (w)
ee_xMem03                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits  {err} (w)
ee_xMem04                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits zum Merken  {err} (w)
ee_xMem05                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits  {err} (w)
ee_xMem06                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits  {err} (w)
ee_xMem07                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits  {err} (w)
ee_xMem08                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits zum Merken  {err} (w)
ee_xMem09                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits  {err} (w)
ee_xMem10                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits  {err} (w)
ee_xMem11                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits  {err} (w)
ee_xMem12                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits zum Merken  {err} (w)
ee_xMem13                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits  {err} (w)
ee_xMem14                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits  {err} (w)
ee_xMem15                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits  {err} (w)
ee_mWrn00                  4096 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits Warnungen  {err} (w)
ee_mWrn01                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits Warnungen  {err} (w)
ee_mWrn02                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits Warnungen  {err} (w)
ee_mWrn03                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits Warnungen  {err} (w)
ee_mWrn04                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits Warnungen  {err} (w)
ee_mWrn05                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits Warnungen  {err} (w)
ee_mWrn06                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits Warnungen  {err} (w)
ee_mWrn07                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits Warnungen  {err} (w)
ee_mWrn08                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits Warnungen  {err} (w)
ee_mWrn09                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits Warnungen  {err} (w)
ee_mWrn10                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits Warnungen  {err} (w)
ee_mWrn11                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits Warnungen  {err} (w)
ee_mWrn12                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits Warnungen  {err} (w)
ee_mWrn13                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits Warnungen  {err} (w)
ee_mWrn14                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits Warnungen  {err} (w)
ee_mWrn15                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits Warnungen  {err} (w)
ee_mStp00                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits Stops  {err} (w)
ee_mStp01                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits Stops  {err} (w)
ee_mStp02                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits Stops  {err} (w)
ee_mStp03                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits Stops  {err} (w)
ee_mStp04                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits Stops  {err} (w)
ee_mStp05                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits Stops  {err} (w)
ee_mStp06                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits Stops  {err} (w)
ee_mStp07                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits Stops  {err} (w)
ee_mStp08                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits Stops  {err} (w)
ee_mStp09                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits Stops  {err} (w)
ee_mStp10                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits Stops  {err} (w)
ee_mStp11                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits Stops  {err} (w)
ee_mStp12                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits Stops  {err} (w)
ee_mStp13                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits Stops  {err} (w)
ee_mStp14                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits Stops  {err} (w)
ee_mStp15                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits Stops  {err} (w)
ee_mPnk00                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits Panik  {err} (w)
ee_mPnk01                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits Panik  {err} (w)
ee_mPnk02                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits Panik  {err} (w)
ee_mPnk03                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits Panik  {err} (w)
ee_mPnk04                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits Panik  {err} (w)
ee_mPnk05                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits Panik  {err} (w)
ee_mPnk06                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits Panik  {err} (w)
ee_mPnk07                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits Panik  {err} (w)
ee_mPnk08                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits Panik  {err} (w)
ee_mPnk09                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits Panik  {err} (w)
ee_mPnk10                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits Panik  {err} (w)
ee_mPnk11                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits Panik  {err} (w)
ee_mPnk12                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits Panik  {err} (w)
ee_mPnk13                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits Panik  {err} (w)
ee_mPnk14                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits Panik  {err} (w)
ee_mPnk15                     0 ;VUDWRD [#] Fehlerbits Panik  {err} (w)
io_hwOk                       1 ;VUDWRD [#] HW-ausstattung OK  {ios+hwv} (r)
io_srcId0                 34524 ;VUWORD [#] ID-Sercos-Baugruppe  {hwv} (r)
io_srcVer0                  256 ;VUWORD [#] Version Sercos baugruppe  {hwv} (r)
io_srcPrt0                  640 ;VUWORD [#] Portadresse Sercos baugruppe  {hwv} (r)
io_srcId1                 34524 ;VUWORD [#] ID-Sercos-Baugruppe  {hwv} (r)
io_srcVer1                  256 ;VUWORD [#] Version Sercos baugruppe  {hwv} (r)
io_srcPrt1                  256 ;VUWORD [#] Portadresse Sercos baugruppe  {hwv} (r)
io_anaId                  33932 ;VUWORD [#] ID-Analog Inp. Baugruppe  {hwv} (r)
io_anaVer                  4096 ;VUWORD [#] Version Analogbaugruppe  {hwv} (r)
io_anaPrt                   928 ;VUWORD [#] Portadresse Analog baugruppe  {hwv} (r)
io_dacId                      0 ;VUWORD [#] ID Dac-Baugruppe  {hwv} (r)
io_dacVer                     0 ;VUWORD [#] Version DAC-baugruppe  {hwv} (r)
io_dacPrt                   928 ;VUWORD [#] Portadresse DAC baugruppe  {hwv} (r)
io_bio0Id                     0 ;VUWORD [#] ID DIO-0-Baugruppe  {hwv} (r)
io_bio0Ver                    0 ;VUWORD [#] Version DIO-0-baugruppe  {hwv} (r)
io_bio0Prt                  832 ;VUWORD [#] Portadresse DIO-0 baugruppe  {hwv} (r)
io_bio1Id                     0 ;VUWORD [#] ID DIO-1-Baugruppe  {hwv} (r)
io_bio1Ver                    0 ;VUWORD [#] Version DIO-1-baugruppe  {hwv} (r)
io_bio1Prt                  848 ;VUWORD [#] Portadresse DIO-1 baugruppe  {hwv} (r)
io_bio2Id                     0 ;VUWORD [#] ID DIO-2-Baugruppe  {hwv} (r)
io_bio2Ver                    0 ;VUWORD [#] Version DIO-2-baugruppe  {hwv} (r)
io_bio2Prt                  864 ;VUWORD [#] Portadresse DIO-2 baugruppe  {hwv} (r)
io_bio3Id                     0 ;VUWORD [#] ID DIO-3-Baugruppe  {hwv} (r)
io_bio3Ver                    0 ;VUWORD [#] Version DIO-3-baugruppe  {hwv} (r)
io_bio3Prt                  768 ;VUWORD [#] Portadresse DIO-3 baugruppe  {hwv} (r)
io_bio4Id                     0 ;VUWORD [#] ID DIO-4-Baugruppe  {hwv} (r)
io_bio4Ver                    0 ;VUWORD [#] Version DIO-4-baugruppe  {hwv} (r)
io_bio4Prt                  784 ;VUWORD [#] Portadresse DIO-4 baugruppe  {hwv} (r)
io_cubId                  34713 ;VUWORD [#] ID CU-Box-Basis  {hwv} (r)
io_cubVer                   514 ;VUWORD [#] Version CU-Box-Basis  {hwv} (r)
io_cubPrt                   816 ;VUWORD [#] Portadresse CU-Box  {hwv} (r)
io_FrcIO                      0 ;VUWORD [#] Outputs Forcen EIN/Aus!  {ios+bio+fnc} (w)
io_FrcDa                      0 ;VUWORD [#] Dac Forcemaske Bit0=DAC0 ! Bit=1-->Wert geforced  {ios+dac+fnc} (w)
ew_iopio_cnt                 77 ;VUWORD [#] Anzahl IO-Ports  {typ+ios} (wrp)
io_Din_0                  62463 ;VUWORD [#] Inputs Bit 0  ..  {ios+bio} (w)
io_Din_1                    287 ;VUWORD [#] Inputs Bit 16 ..  {ios+bio} (w)
io_Din_2                    274 ;VUWORD [#] Inputs Bit 32 ..  {ios+bio} (w)
io_Din_3                     64 ;VUWORD [#] Inputs Bit 48 ..  {ios+bio} (w)
io_Din_4                   1015 ;VUWORD [#] Inputs Bit 64 ..  {ios+bio} (w)
io_Din_5                      0 ;VUWORD [#] Inputs Bit 80 ..  {ios+bio} (w)
io_Dout0                      0 ;VUWORD [#] Output Bit 0  ..  {ios+bio} (w)
io_Dout1                      0 ;VUWORD [#] Output Bit 16 ..  {ios+bio} (w)
io_Dout2                      0 ;VUWORD [#] Output Bit 32 ..  {ios+bio} (w)
io_Dout3                      0 ;VUWORD [#] Output Bit 48 ..  {ios+bio} (w)
io_Dout4                      0 ;VUWORD [#] Output Bit 64 ..  {ios+bio} (w)
io_Dout5                      0 ;VUWORD [#] Output Bit 80 ..  {ios+bio} (w)
io_Eout0                      0 ;VUWORD [#] Elektrischer Output wenn geforced Bit 0  ..  {ios+bio} (w)
io_Eout1                      0 ;VUWORD [#] Elektrischer Output wenn geforced Bit 16 ..  {ios+bio} (w)
io_Eout2                      0 ;VUWORD [#] Elektrischer Output wenn geforced Bit 32 ..  {ios+bio} (w)
io_Eout3                      0 ;VUWORD [#] Elektrischer Output wenn geforced Bit 48 ..  {ios+bio} (w)
io_Eout4                      0 ;VUWORD [#] Elektrischer Output wenn geforced Bit 64 ..  {ios+bio} (w)
io_Eout5                      0 ;VUWORD [#] Elektrischer Output wenn geforced Bit 80 ..  {ios+bio} (w)
io_Frc1_0                     0 ;VUWORD [#] Outputs ForceMaske Bit 0 ..  {ios+bio+fnc} (w)
io_Frc1_1                     0 ;VUWORD [#] Outputs ForceMaske Bit 16..  {ios+bio+fnc} (w)
io_Frc1_2                     0 ;VUWORD [#] Outputs ForceMaske Bit 32..  {ios+bio+fnc} (w)
io_Frc1_3                     0 ;VUWORD [#] Outputs ForceMaske Bit 48..  {ios+bio+fnc} (w)
io_Frc1_4                     0 ;VUWORD [#] Outputs ForceMaske Bit 64..  {ios+bio+fnc} (w)
io_Frc1_5                     0 ;VUWORD [#] Outputs ForceMaske Bit 80..  {ios+bio+fnc} (w)
io_Frc0_0                 65535 ;VUWORD [#] Outputs ForceMaske Bit 0 ..  {ios+bio+fnc} (w)
io_Frc0_1                 65535 ;VUWORD [#] Outputs ForceMaske Bit 16..  {ios+bio+fnc} (w)
io_Frc0_2                 65535 ;VUWORD [#] Outputs ForceMaske Bit 32..  {ios+bio+fnc} (w)
io_Frc0_3                 65535 ;VUWORD [#] Outputs ForceMaske Bit 48..  {ios+bio+fnc} (w)
io_Frc0_4                 65535 ;VUWORD [#] Outputs ForceMaske Bit 64..  {ios+bio+fnc} (w)
io_Frc0_5                 65535 ;VUWORD [#] Outputs ForceMaske Bit 80..  {ios+bio+fnc} (w)
ew_ioen_cnt                   4 ;VUWORD [#] Anzahl Encoder-Ports  {typ+ios} (wrp)
io_iEnc0                      0 ;VIWORD [#] Encoder 0 Incremente  {ios+enc} (w)
io_iEnc1                      0 ;VIWORD [#] Encoder 1 Incremente  {ios+enc} (w)
io_iEnc2                      0 ;VIWORD [#] Encoder 2 Incremente  {ios+enc} (w)
io_iEnc3                      0 ;VIWORD [#] Encoder 3 Incremente  {ios+enc} (w)
io_iEnc4                      0 ;VIWORD [#] Encoder 4 Incremente  {ios+enc} (w)
io_dEnc0                  15083 ;VIWORD [#] Encoder 0 Absolutwert  {ios+enc} (w)
io_dEnc1                 -10183 ;VIWORD [#] Encoder 1 Absolutwert  {ios+enc} (w)
io_dEnc2                      0 ;VIWORD [#] Encoder 2 Absolutwert  {ios+enc} (w)
io_dEnc3                      0 ;VIWORD [#] Encoder 3 Absolutwert  {ios+enc} (w)
io_dEnc4                      0 ;VIWORD [#] Encoder 4 Absolutwert  {ios+enc} (w)
bb_xEnc0                    150 ;VIWORD [#] Encoder0 Bug, max. Abtastdifferenz (Derot)  {bug+der} (wrp)
bb_xEnc1                     50 ;VIWORD [#] Encoder1 Bug, max. Abtastdifferenz (Fokus)  {bug+fok} (wrp)
bb_xEnc2                    150 ;VIWORD [#] Encoder2 Bug, max. Abtastdifferenz  {bug+enc} (wrp)
bb_xEnc3                    150 ;VIWORD [#] Encoder3 Bug, max. Abtastdifferenz  {bug+enc} (wrp)
bb_xEnc4                    150 ;VIWORD [#] Encoder4 Bug, max. Abtastdifferenz  {bug+enc} (wrp)
bb_cEnc0                      0 ;VIWORD [#] Encoder0 BugZaehler (Derot)  {bug+der} (w)
bb_cEnc1                      0 ;VIWORD [#] Encoder1 BugZaehler (Fokus)  {bug+fok} (w)
bb_cEnc2                      0 ;VIWORD [#] Encoder2 BugZaehler  {bug+enc} (w)
bb_cEnc3                      0 ;VIWORD [#] Encoder3 BugZaehler  {bug+enc} (w)
bb_cEnc4                      0 ;VIWORD [#] Encoder4 BugZaehler  {bug+enc} (w)
ew_ioad_cnt                   8 ;VUWORD [#] Anzahl AD-Ports  {typ+ios} (wrp)
io_nAd_0               2.285156 ;VFREAL [V] Analog ADC 0   {ios+adc} (w)
io_nAd_1               4.433594 ;VFREAL [V] Analog ADC 1  {ios+adc} (w)
io_nAd_2               4.443359 ;VFREAL [V] Analog ADC 2  {ios+adc} (w)
io_nAd_3               0.009766 ;VFREAL [V] Analog ADC 3  {ios+adc} (w)
io_nAd_4               0.009766 ;VFREAL [V] Analog ADC 4   {ios+adc} (w)
io_nAd_5               0.004883 ;VFREAL [V] Analog ADC 5  {ios+adc} (w)
io_nAd_6               0.004883 ;VFREAL [V] Analog ADC 6  {ios+adc} (w)
io_nAd_7               0.009766 ;VFREAL [V] Analog ADC 7  {ios+adc} (w)
io_nAd_8               0.000000 ;VFREAL [V] Analog ADC 8  {ios+adc} (w)
ew_ioda_cnt                   8 ;VUWORD [#] Anzahl DA-Ports  {typ+ios} (wrp)
io_nDa_0               0.000000 ;VFREAL [V] Analog DAC 0   ruecklesen  {ios+adc} (w)
io_nDa_1               0.000000 ;VFREAL [V] Analog DAC 1   ruecklesen  {ios+adc} (w)
io_nDa_2               0.000000 ;VFREAL [V] Analog DAC 2   ruecklesen  {ios+adc} (w)
io_nDa_3               0.000000 ;VFREAL [V] Analog DAC 3   ruecklesen  {ios+adc} (w)
io_nDa_4               0.000000 ;VFREAL [V] Analog DAC 4   ruecklesen  {ios+adc} (w)
io_nDa_5               0.000000 ;VFREAL [V] Analog DAC 5   ruecklesen  {ios+adc} (w)
io_nDa_6               0.000000 ;VFREAL [V] Analog DAC 6   ruecklesen  {ios+adc} (w)
io_nDa_7               0.000000 ;VFREAL [V] Analog DAC 7   ruecklesen  {ios+adc} (w)
io_nDa_8               0.000000 ;VFREAL [V] Analog DAC 8   ruecklesen  {ios+adc} (w)
io_Fdac0               0.000000 ;VFREAL [V] DAC0 Forcewert  {ios+dac+fnc} (w)
io_Fdac1               0.000000 ;VFREAL [V] DAC1 Forcewert  {ios+dac+fnc} (w)
io_Fdac2               0.000000 ;VFREAL [V] DAC2 Forcewert  {ios+dac+fnc} (w)
io_Fdac3               0.000000 ;VFREAL [V] DAC3 Forcewert  {ios+dac+fnc} (w)
io_Fdac4               0.000000 ;VFREAL [V] DAC4 Forcewert  {ios+dac+fnc} (w)
io_Fdac5               0.000000 ;VFREAL [V] DAC5 Forcewert  {ios+dac+fnc} (w)
io_Fdac6               0.000000 ;VFREAL [V] DAC6 Forcewert  {ios+dac+fnc} (w)
io_Fdac7               0.000000 ;VFREAL [V] DAC7 Forcewert  {ios+dac+fnc} (w)
io_Fdac8               0.000000 ;VFREAL [V] DAC8 Forcewert  {ios+dac+fnc} (w)
tmp_xxxd1               0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [.] für's Debuggen  {Tmp} (w)
tmp_xxxd2               0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [.] für's Debuggen  {Tmp} (w)
tmp_xxxd3               0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [.] für's Debuggen  {Tmp} (w)
tmp_xxxd4               0.0000000000 ;VDREAL [.] für's Debuggen  {Tmp} (w)
tmp_xxxl1                     0 ;VIDWRD [.] für's Debuggen  {Tmp} (w)
tmp_xxxl2                     0 ;VIDWRD [.] für's Debuggen  {Tmp} (w)
tmp_xxxl3                     0 ;VIDWRD [.] für's Debuggen  {Tmp} (w)
tmp_xxxl4                     0 ;VIDWRD [.] für's Debuggen  {Tmp} (w)