Roof Control & Weather station

Roof control and weather station reading (including dust monitor and some of the indoor environmental sensors) is handled by a beckhoff PLC in the roof control cabinet.


Many components are controlled or read out using Ethernet-connected Moxa I/O modules.

io1 & io3 & io5

These modules are located above the STELLA-1 rack, next to the calibration unit. Power comes from the fuse that also supplies PDU3.

  1. io1,ip= Analog Input to read in SES dewar pressure (ch1) and SES vacuum pump pressure (ch2)
  2. io3,ip= temperatures: oil1, oilroom1, oil2, oilroom2, lounge, lab
  3. io5,ip= Calibration unit: DO: halo1, halo2, thar1, thar2, rack1, rack2 ; DI thar1on, thar2on


This module is located above the power distribution box. This has its own fuse.

  1. io2, ip= Digital Input to read in outputs of UPS and electrical distribution: 0: mein failure, 1: battery low, 2: load on main, 0-5 (0: general alarm, 1 battery fault, 2: load on UPS, 3: load oon bypass, 4: load on battery power, 5: low battery warning), 9-16 ((dif 1f, dif 3f, dif tele, dif ups) & over current protection status (phase 1-3, N))


This module is located in the spectrograph room. Power supply?

  1. io4, ip= SES-cover(=copy of room regulation),inside-cover,table-inside,floor(copy of floor regulation),table-outside (die ersten 3 sind geraten)


List of IP addresses

IP name long name stella-gw stella-gw.stella.iac.es fire fire.stella.iac.es serial1 OBSOLETE serial1.stella.iac.es serial2 OBSOLETE serial2.stella.iac.es serial3 serial3.stella.iac.es stella-sw stella-sw.stella.iac.es kvm kvm.stella.iac.es archive archive.stella.iac.es wifsip wifsip.stella.iac.es becky-pc becky-pc.stella.iac.es sky sky.stella.iac.es gige1 gige1.stella.iac.es serial4 serial4.stella.iac.es serial5 serial5.stella.iac.es ses-sw OBSOLETE ses-sw.stella.iac.es wifsip-sw OBSOL. wifsip-sw.stella.iac.es pdu1 pdu1.stella.iac.es pdu2 pdu2.stella.iac.es ses ses.stella.iac.es guider1 OBSOLETE guider1.stella.iac.es testcam GUIDER1 testcam.stella.iac.es guider2 guider2.stella.iac.es guider3 OBSOLETE guider3.stella.iac.es ccd ccd.stella.iac.es ifire OBSOLETE? ifire.stella.iac.es pdu3 pdu3.stella.iac.es baycam baycam.stella.iac.es pdu4 pdu4.stella.iac.es galaxy galaxy.stella.iac.es pdu5 pdu5.stella.iac.es wap wap.stella.iac.es wap2 wap2.stella.iac.es gige2 gige2.stella.iac.es io5 io5.stella.iac.es becky becky.stella.iac.es guest1 guest1.stella.iac.es guest2 guest2.stella.iac.es guest3 guest3.stella.iac.es guest4 guest4.stella.iac.es guest5 guest5.stella.iac.es guest6 guest6.stella.iac.es guest7 guest7.stella.iac.es guest8 guest8.stella.iac.es guest9 guest9.stella.iac.es guest10 guest10.stella.iac.es guest11 guest11.stella.iac.es guest12 guest12.stella.iac.es guest13 guest13.stella.iac.es guest14 guest14.stella.iac.es guest15 guest15.stella.iac.es sip sip.stella.iac.es sip2 sip2.stella.iac.es io1 io1.stella.iac.es io2 io2.stella.iac.es io3 io3.stella.iac.es io4 io4.stella.iac.es notfree notfree.stella.iac.es

internal ethernet network

the two telescopes and the ASIVA share a common private network. It is connected through a small ethernet switch in the rear part of the rack. The IPMI interfaces of the servers are also connected to this network.

  1. asiva_core (Asiva instrument = cloud monitor)
  2. sqm_teneriffa (Lightmeter at the ASIVA)
  3. asiva control computer (de-commissioned)
  4. sky (new asiva control computer), 2nd interface
  5. archive (STELLA2 control), 2nd interface
  6. wifsip (STELLA1 control), 2nd interface
  7. ipmi-interface archive
  8. ipmi-interface wifsip
  9. ipmi-interface sky
  10. ipmi-interface fire
  11. ipmi-interface fire-spare
  12. STELLA1 telescope
  13. STELLA2 telescope
  14. asiva_console (terminal server connecting to asiva_core console)

STELLA serial devices


Located in the main rack.

  1. Eurotherm; Connected to serial3 port server as port 8 (ttyr00), mod bus device, see Eurotherm doc for details
  2. Old (defunct) serial bus 1; ttyr01
  3. Old (defunct) serial bus 2; ttyr02
  4. free; ttyr03
  5. free; ttyr04
  6. DAIKIN control; ttyr05
  7. Pfeiffer vacuum pump; ttyr06
  8. free - used for connecting the diode-lightmeter in the spectrograph room for alignment work; ttyr07
Port Application Mode Description/more setting
01 [Dialin/out ] [DYNAMIC ] [Auto Term/SLIP/PPP identification]
02 [Reverse Terminal] [RTELNET ] [Reverse Telnet mode ]
03 [Reverse Terminal] [RTELNET ] [Reverse Telnet mode ]
04 [Reverse Terminal] [RTELNET ] [Reverse Telnet mode ]
05 [Reverse Terminal] [RTELNET ] [Reverse Telnet mode ]
06 [Reverse Terminal] [RTELNET ] [Reverse Telnet mode ]
07 [Reverse Terminal] [RTELNET ] [Reverse Telnet mode ]
08 [Reverse Terminal] [RTELNET ] [Reverse Telnet mode ]
09 [NT Real COM ] [ASPP ] [Async Server Proprietary Protocol]
10 [NT Real COM ] [ASPP ] [Async Server Proprietary Protocol]
11 [NT Real COM ] [ASPP ] [Async Server Proprietary Protocol]
12 [NT Real COM ] [ASPP ] [Async Server Proprietary Protocol]
13 [NT Real COM ] [ASPP ] [Async Server Proprietary Protocol]
14 [NT Real COM ] [ASPP ] [Async Server Proprietary Protocol]
15 [NT Real COM ] [ASPP ] [Async Server Proprietary Protocol]
16 [NT Real COM ] [ASPP ] [Async Server Proprietary Protocol]

SES calibration unit



SES calibration unit

The SES calibration unit is situated on top of the STELA-1 telescope control rack. It is a black box about 1x1 m in size. To open it, about 8 screws need to be loosened on top of the unit.

Inside the calibration unit


SES calibration lamp locations

Inside the unit are 4 lamps. 2 ThAr-hollow cathode lams (the big glass tubes towards the front of the unit) and 2 Halogen lamps. Currently, 20W halogen lamps are in use.

Where are the spare lamps


SES spare lamps

The spare lamps are in a cupboard in the electronics room (where the calibration unit is also located). The Halogen lamps are 20W, 12V Osram lamps, several of those are located in a small cardboard box in that cupboard (see picture). Please do not touch the glass of the halogen lamp with your fingers when exchanging it, its best to wear gloves or use the wrapping of the lamp to hold it.

There are also spare ThAr lamps on site.